Alternative Game Ideas to Make a Baby Shower Memorable and Fun

Alternative Game Ideas to Make a Baby Shower Memorable and Fun

Great Game Ideas to Make the Baby Shower Memorable and Fun

Melting candy bars in diapers and baby food tasting contests are old, classic baby shower staples, but they might not be appropriate for every crowd. In case you don’t want to ask your grandmother-in-law to run with a water balloon in between her knees, HABA has come up with some classy baby shower game ideas that even the elders and the non-mothers alike will be happy to participate in. Find even more fun ideas on our Baby Shower Pinterest Board!

The Year You Were Born Time Capsule

On the invitation, ask each guest to bring an item significant to the current year. It can be newspaper clippings, coins, t-shirts, pop culture icons, fashion accessories, photos, price tags, etc. At the shower ask each guest to explain the item selected and write down why it was chosen. All of the items and explanations are then to be kept in a time capsule for the child to open later in life to commemorate the year of his or her birth.

Advice Raffle

Nuggets of advice for the mother-to-be written on slips of paper serve as the raffle tickets. The more wisdom shared (the more pearls of wisdom you submit), the better the chance of winning. Once all the advice has been collected, draw one of the raffle tickets and read it aloud. The person who wrote it wins a prize. Hint: divulge the prize in advance so the guests are incentivized to partake.

Lucky Number 7

Baby Shower ButtonMake sure the gifts are opened at random—this can be done by assigning numbers to each gift and then drawing numbers to determine the order the gifts are opened, or you can wait until the seventh gift is opened to make the announcement. In the tradition of an old wives’ tale, the giver of the seventh gift opened will be the next person to be pregnant. It is similar to catching the bouquet at a wedding. The number 7 is symbolic because it is a prime number that is made of a masculine number (odd number) and a feminine number (even number). Give this person a prize or a button to wear that says, “I’m Next.”

A New Kind of Baby “Book”

Offer your guests a chance to get in on the action.  Open up the tables for Vegas-style gambling. A $5 buy-in is recommended but it can be any wager of your choosing. Guests can bet on the specific due date, over/under on the predicted due date, weight at birth or even on the gender of the baby if it is unknown at the time of the shower. Be sure to announce the winner and pay out winnings promptly after the baby is born.

Decorate the Nursery

Provide large wooden letters that spell the child’s name along with art supplies like paints, glitter, pompoms etc. As guests arrive, mingle and snack, encourage them to decorate the letters. It’s a great icebreaker and gift for the mother-to-be to hang in the nursery.

Of course, amid all the fun and games at the baby shower, there will be gifts. Everyone knows the usual things people give to prospective mothers, but at HABA we always recommend a wonderful, heirloom, keepsake toy like our classic wooden rattles and clutching toys. The mother and child will cherish it for, well, generations. Visit HABA’s Baby Toys page for beautiful gifts for the new baby.

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