All Wooden Toys are Not Equal - Why the PEFC Seal is Important

All Wooden Toys are Not Equal - Why the PEFC Seal is Important

The PEFC Seal Sets HABA Toys Apart from Other Toy Brands

Wooden items and components are an important part of our product catalog and our brand identity. Because deforestation is a large source of greenhouse gas emissions, we believe it is imperative that the wood we use is from sustainable sources. That’s why 100% of the beech wood we purchase complies with PEFC guidelines. For a product to carry the PEFC label, the entire chain of custody (CoC) is certified, which means consumers know that their products really do come from sustainably managed forests. The CoC refers to the entire product chain, from the sawmill to all subsequent processors.

Why We Buy Our Wood Local

Not only is it important that we only use beech wood from forests where more trees are planted than felled, the location of our suppliers matters as well. This means that all of our beech must come from suppliers located within a 100km (62 miles) radius around Bad Rodach where our manufacturing facility is located. Buying our wood locally ensures close, long-term relationships with suppliers as well as short and therefore eco-friendly delivery routes. This is important because on average around 176,000 cubic feet of raw beech wood is purchased by HABA each year - an amount equivalent to around 150 truck loads. [source]

Difference between FSC & PEFC

PEFC is an international organization that pledges to support sustainable forest management through independent 3rd party certification. Not only does PEFC focus on the ethical aspects of forestry, but also the processing of the timber. This leads to a bigger emphasis on the supply chain of the wood than FSC. FSC was developed for forests in tropical environments and the methods were not compatible with the climates of Europe. This in turn led to the creation of PEFC in the 90s, to facilitate sustainable forestry certification in countries like Germany. PEFC now accounts for over 600 million acres of certified forests and its certifications are now recognized in over 30 countries. [source]

Sustainability is Important in Every Aspect of our Business

HABA became the first German toy manufacturer to pass the Öko-Audit (Eco Audit) in 1999 and has since strived towards continuous environmental management in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 which is intended for use by an organization seeking to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. [source]

“The efficient use of resources preserves nature and the environment for future generations. This is how we want to help shape a sustainable and livable society.”
     - Tim Steffens, HABA FAMILYGROUP CEO

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