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5 Tips for Finding Memorable Kids’ Gifts this Holiday

5 Tips for Finding Memorable Kids’ Gifts this Holiday

Family time spent on play makes priceless memories.

5 Tips for Finding Memorable Kids’ Gifts this HolidayRemember that thing you got that one holiday? It was the hottest toy that season and you practically begged for it for months.

You probably played with it for a couple days and moved on.

Conversely, there are favorite gifts from the past that lasted or at least forged cherished memories for years. While there’s no surefire formula for purchasing your child’s next beloved plaything, there are a few things to consider when picking a memorable gift.

1) Don’t feel pressured. The media will be pouring on the hot toy lists and big-box retailers will be pushing must-haves as well. Considering there aren’t too many Teddy Ruxpins or Tickle Me Elmos floating around out there these days, it’s never best to trust someone else’s wish list. No one knows your child better than you, so you’ll be the best judge of what’s hot and what might not be best for your little one.

maxresdefault2) Look for longevity. Kids break stuff … and the price tag isn’t always the best indicator of quality. Like most purchases, it doesn’t hurt to do a little Googling for reviews or checking out customer feedback on sites like Amazon for a little insight. You can also go with brands and products you trust like HABA. We take pride in our long history of producing timeless toys as well as modern products proven by the same commitment to quality.

3) Buy up. Children can outgrow toys just as fast as they move up in clothes size, so it’s not a bad idea to get an item from the next age range up. We’re not suggesting you buy a toddler a bicycle, but a game designed for just a year or two up should get more shelf life. Look beyond the holidays and consider how your child’s mind and body will grow in the New Year.

Consider giving a gift that multiple kids can play. 4) Think play date. Speaking of the New Year, the cold-weather months tend to confine kids indoors and boredom ensues. Consider giving a gift that multiple kids can play. Turn that winter boredom around with play date friendly board games. Stock up the play kitchen or build a make-believe wardrobe that will stretch imaginations and inspire many imaginative afternoons.

5) Stick with the classics. There’s a reason HABA’s been crafting wooden toys for nearly 80 years and our best-sellers include over 90 award-winning toys. These are items kids come to again and again, generation after generation.

In fact, those special toys we were talking about at the start? Maybe now you’re remembering that first dolly or set of building blocks you got that one year. Maybe you still have them!

Toy and Game Maker Launches ‘Take Time to Play’ CampaignWhatever you end up giving, don’t forget to Take Time to Play and have a little fun yourself. Learn more about HABA’s campaign for holiday family time and read what the experts have to say about the power of play here.

Share your most memorable holiday gifts and make your own recommendations for finding that perfect gift using the hashtag #TakeTimeToPlay on twitter or facebook!

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