Three kids in the sand at the beach playing with Spielstabil scoops, buckets, and sieves

10 Top Toys For Playtime In The Sand!

Summer is here and the playing is easy, especially at the beach! At HABA USA , we're happy to bring you 10 of our favorite kids toys for getting deep into the sand and making playtime at the beach (or in a favorite sandbox) filled with extra fun. Nothing is more satisfying than sifting, measuring, digging, patting and pouring bucket loads of sand. And we have the perfect selection of toys to kick start imaginations, exercise growing muscles and entertain for hours on end. Whether excavating an important construction project or building a castle wall to keep that pesky dragon away, we have the toys for the job.

1- One of the most important components of any earth-moving job is the excavation. Our Sand Play Excavator has a wide-mouthed shovel, which can be locked into place to stay open. This toy is perfect for digging and transporting sand to the worksite.

2- Any sandbox engineer will tell you that the most important ingredient in the building project, next to sand, is water! Water is the concrete of sandbox construction and our Sand Play Tanker Truck is ideal for transporting and spouting water. It also comes with a removable filling funnel.

3- Shake up the sandbox with this Sand Play Dump Truck! This awesome sand toy can be loaded to the brim for a fresh sand delivery to your sand castle. Use it to build mighty towers and castle walls The sturdy design insures that it will withstand years of indoor/outdoor play.

4- If we have to say it ourselves, we think that our Spilling Funnel is perhaps one of the most ingenious sand toys out there! The funnel mixes water and sand to help create amazing sand designs and structures. Fill one of sections with water and the other with sand. The two combine and spill out of the opening, enabling your child to "draw" in the sand in 3D!

5- Every little one needs their very own watering can for gardening or beach fun! With a sturdy, swivel handle this watering can is just the right size for small hands. Made of colorfast PVC-free/phthalate-free ABS plastic it even comes with a 10 year guarantee.

6- Beach days require a reliable  bucket to transport sand and water to and from the work site! And every sand play day requires a bucket for building forts and castles. As an added bonus this one is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and suitable for food contact.

7- Shake up the sandbox with our Sand Drill. This drill is a simple and exciting way to dig a hole at the beach or in the sandbox. The handle is designed to make it simple for little hands to grasp and turn, while the opening at the bottom of the drill removes sand and pushes it up and out.

8- No sandbox play set is complete without a Large Sieve. This sieve is great for sifting sand to find buried treasure or tiny shells to decorate a mermaid's castle. It comes in red, yellow or blue.

9- Whether they're making mud pies or mud milk shakes, this measuring pitcher is essential for any successful sandbox bistro! This clear, virtually indestructible 2 pint pitcher includes a stay-put lid and a nonslip ring on the bottom. Sides are marked with metric measurements to provide children with opportunity to learn how to pour and measure. The cover can be positioned three ways, in the open, partially open and closed position. Pitcher is 7” high and comes with a 10 year guarantee of non-breakage.

10- And last but certainly not least is the Spielstabil long handled, heavy duty  beach shovel! The minute you pick up this shovel, you will notice the difference: heavier, sturdier, more substantial! Perfect for some serious digging in the sand, garden or even snow. The problem we found with most beach shovels is that they are not made to endure the play of children, so we decided to change that with this heavy duty Beach Shovel by Spielstabil. 10 year guarantee makes certain of the value and long term fun.

No matter what adventure you’re planning in the sand, these toys will allow for hours of creativity, learning, fresh air, and exercise.

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