The Hearmees

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Age: 5 Years +
  • Ages: 5-99
  • Players: 3-4
  • Game Length: ~20 minutes 

Listen up Hearmees builders! Put your jelly toast aside and hear me! Hearmees City is much too small and needs to expand. Therefore, the building supervisor is sending instructions via clawky-talky, so you know what you need to build new houses and jelly factories. So, perk up your mega-ears when the boss’s claw – scruuuums, scraaawls, screetches, squaaawks – on his clawky-talky. Looking at the venture cards, try to decipher what the supervisor has clawed. Was it a hammer or was it actually a broom? Whenever a Hearmees has heard the correct object, he has the chance to add one new building to his neighborhood. The first Hearmees to finish expanding his neighborhood becomes the new mayor of Hearmees City!


  • 50 task cards (25 easy = yellow, 25 advanced = blue)
  • 25 house tiles
  • 5 break tiles
  • 4 screens
  • 3 venture cards
  • 5 Hearmees tiles
  • 5 adhesive dots
  • 1 clawky-talky (board)
  • 1 claw-it
  • 1 set of instructions

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The Hearmees
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Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
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