Product Safety

Quality & Safety are Very Important to Us

We at HABA have a tremendous mission:

We want to provide support through play to children on their path through life and to make their lives happier and more stimulating. We can only achieve this goal through particularly high standards in quality production, quality safety measures, quality designs and high quality, safe materials.

Our toys fulfill all European and American national regulations in respect to materials and processing in order to produce heirloom quality toys that are innovative and safe. HABA uses best practices when inventing a new product; a quality and safety team sits with our designers to ensure the safety in materials and design from the very beginning.  After production and before the toys are imported into the USA the products are tested both in-house and then by a third party, CPSC authorized laboratory to ensure they meet and/or exceed the safety specifications required in the USA.  You can be assured that HABA places children’s safety as our #1 priority.

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