Illustration of Capt'n Pepe flying and Oscar the meerkat in the crow's nest of a ship looking through a spyglassIllustration of Capt'n Pepe flying and Oscar the meerkat in the crow's nest of a ship looking through a spyglass
More than a game...

Capt'n Pepe:
Treasure Ahoy!

The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Capt'n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy!

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Number of Players: 2-5 Players
Playing Time: 20 minutes per chapter, 25 chapters total

Take the rudder in your hand and create new adventures! The brave Capt'n Pepe sails across the world’s oceans with his wild animal crew. Accompany him on every sea mile, go on adventures, open treasure chests, create your treasure book, and defeat Madame Goldtooth. Can you find the “seven treasures” before the evil pirate plunges the world into dark times? A cooperative legacy game.

  • Game material fit for pirates: 3D ship, filled treasure chests, and high-quality wooden crew figures and rudders
  • Adventure book with 25 chapters for exciting game stages of 20 minutes each
  • More than 100 stickers to create a treasure map and adventure book
  • Number of players: 2-5
  • Playing time: 20 minutes per chapter, 25 chapters total
  • Designed for ages 6 and up

Game Instructions

New! The First Cooperative Legacy Game for Kids 6+

More than a game...
An Adventure to Dive Into!

Wondering what a legacy game is all about?

In a legacy game, the game material changes from game to game, most often in a permanent way. Individual game components transform throughout the game as the story develops.

When playing Capt'n Pepe, the treasure map gets covered with stickers, treasure chests get opened, and with each chapter read in the Adventure Book, surprises await as the game unfolds.

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Award Nominated
Deutscher Spielepreis

Nominated for the renowned Deutscher Spielepreis (German Toy Prize) which has awarded innovative and educational toys and games for 20 years.

Meet the Fearless Crew

The Melody's captain was born on that very vessel. Pepe knows his crew members inside and out. Watch out, he has a score to settle with Madame Goldtooth!

Capt'n Pepe
Capt'n Pepe
A capable leader with a cool head

The newest member of The Melody crew escaped Madame Goldtooth's ship, The Sea Devil. Confident and clever; Mia has a sharp eye.

Capt'n Pepe crew member Mia
A true fighter who goes her own way

A sensitive little fellow who always has his spyglass by his side. Oscar likes to exaggerate and is a bit gullible. He is easily startled and tends to lose his nerve and panic.

Capt'n Pepe crew member Oscar
Always looking out for the crew

Charley is a real character who loves playing around and making people laugh. Only hunger (and being teased) can put him in a bad mood.

Capt'n Pepe crew member Charley
Expert climber and banana fanatic

A real fountain of knowledge, Tuga always thinks ahead and considers her decisions carefully. Pepe trusts her judgment and often turns to her for advice.

Capt'n Pepe crew member Tuga
The crew's peaceful soul

Bob tinkers with ideas until he finds a practical solution. He's happy to help anytime, anywhere.

Capt'n Pepe crew member Bob
A handy craftsman and super swimmer

Raids and plunders the seven seas with her crew of rats. Madame Goldtooth knows no scruples and is feared by all!

Madame Goldtooth
Madame Goldtooth
The villainous captain of The Sea Devil


Since a coherent story is told in "Captain Pepe, Treasure Ahoy" and the challenges on the high seas become increasingly difficult, playing with the same people is the easiest way to play. However, there is nothing wrong with playing with different people but you will have to update them as to what adventures have unfolded.

Have you fully covered the treasure map and treasure collection? Excellent! Of course, you can still set sail and play "Capt’n Pepe, Treasure Ahoy" as a "normal" board game. Set your own challenges and choose the modules that you want to combine with each other. What? You say you want to try a game with all the modules at the same time? Go ahead and give it a try... but it won't be easy!

Stay tuned and check this site for updates and new information!

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Capt'n Pepe Adventurebook & Instructions

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