About Our Toys

Designing With Children in Mind

At HABA, we develop and produce innovative games, toys, and accessories for the home for the most important audience of all – you and your family.

Our assortment grows every year, as our designers take products from initial sketch to finished model. We are proud that so many of our creations have been prize-winners, from Game of the Year to the Design Plus award.

A Legacy of Quality Design

From the start, HABA has combined creativity, high-quality materials and safety in our toys. That legacy continues today.

Toys for Today and Tomorrow

Our products are not only fun to play with and to look at, but they are made to last. We put a premium on using materials that are ecologically sustainable, including indigenous maple and beech wood. We also use fabric, leather, water-based paint, felt, cardboard and glass.

Do You Have a Game Idea?

Click here (pdf) for our Game Submissions Guide.

*Note: All toy and game ideas must be submitted to the HABA parent company in Germany for approval. HABAUS does not make product decisions.

High Quality Materials

We believe that toys are only as good as the materials they are made from. That’s why we’re care to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in our manufacture. We also carefully monitor workmanship, both during in-house production and at our suppliers.


HABA has borne the PEFC seal since 2010, which recognizes that we use timber from sustainable forests for our products. The beech and birch wood used come from forests located in an area some 93 miles around our site in Bad Rodach in Franconia, Germany. Plywood is imported from Finland and Russia, exclusively from controlled cultivation. For products produced in Asia, we closely oversee and control the materials and manufacture.


We use only solvent-free paints or water-based stains in our products, so there is no need to worry when toys for babies end up in their mouths.


Our fabric toys are made of varying materials, including polyester, blended cotton, soft suede and plush, corduroy, velvet, felt and mesh. We regularly visit and inspect our suppliers. They are certified under the code of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). All toys made from fabric are tested by the State Trade Institute [Landesgewerbeanstalt] (LGA) for harmful substances. These tests include those pursuant to the Directive on Azo Dyestuff (synthetic dyestuff) 76/769/EU and the 19th Amendment 2002/61 of the Directive.


Plastics are used primary for sand toys, all of which come with a five-year warranty. We adhere strictly to Directive 2005/84 (restrictions on marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations). All of our products are BPA-free and we test plastic and artificial rubber-based products for diethyl phthalates according to the limits of this directive.

Spielstabil Plastic Products

All Spielstabil items are made in Germany and are free of phthalates, BPA, lead and PVC. These products are made of food-grade ABS plastic and anything that needs to be joined together is done so using hygienic ultrasonic welding instead of glue. These products are guaranteed for 10 years to be unbreakable. They are microwave, dishwasher and food safe up to 250*F. All of the toys HABA US distributes meet and often exceed European and US Toy Safety standards, as well as the German Food and Drug Law (equivalent to the regulations of the US FDA.)


HABAform is a naturally occurring materials made from renewable resources and is CO2 neutral. It is used in the manufacture of clutching toys, pacifier clips and other baby products. When heated, it can be injected into a mold, and once cooled and hardened, it shares all the same properties as plastic. Quality assurance tests have shown that HABAform meets all safety standard for toys.


Cardboard is used in game boards, tiles and cards, as well as our beautifully illustrated puzzles and books.


HABA cares about the environmental impact of our company and the production of our toys. Please watch these short videos on our YouTube channel to learn more.