Our History



In family hands for three generations


The foundation and development phase

It was 1938 when the businessman Eugen Habermaass from Swabia decided to found not one but two companies in Bad Rodach: "Firma Anton Engel” together with Anton Engel and "Wehrfritz & Co” together with Karl Wehrfritz and Anton Engel. Habermaass had the commercial expertise and start-up capital, Engel was experienced in the production of lacquered wooden goods, and Wehrfritz was very familiar with the textile industry - the perfect combination for setting up a production and trading company. However, the partnership did not last. In 1940, both of Habermaass‘s partners pulled out and Eugen Habermaass now ran both companies on his own. Although the partnership with Karl Wehrfritz only lasted about six months, his name is still the brand name for products for nurseries, kindergartens and social institutions.
From 1940, Eugen Habermaass managed the two companies on his own - but always with the active support of his wife Luise, who was also registered as a limited partner. Because the company only had a few employees, Luise was not only involved on paper, she was very committed to the everyday running of the business: First she helped out in production, and later she managed the mail order business at Wehrfritz. With great business sense, Eugen Habermaass led the companies through the war years despite many shortages.
In 1950, HABA presented itself for the first time at a toy fair, and at the beginning of the 1950s, the company published its first multilingual catalog: in German and English. Business relations had also already been established with Switzerland and the Netherlands. It was during this period that the abbreviation "HABA" established itself as the definitive brand name, which turned out to work well in many foreign languages. This period of optimism, however, soon took a sad turn: Eugen Habermaass died suddenly on January, 30 1955.

Luise Habermaass takes over the management of the business

Circumstances now forced his widow Luise to take on her late husband’s role, while at the same time having to look after her family. She was able to reply on the active support of her loyal employees, above all August Bayerlein in his capacity as authorized signatory. Her brother Gustav Fahrner was also at her side. At that time, it was very unusual for a woman to be the head of a company. Her excellent leadership skills meant that she ran the HABA FAMILYGROUP very successfully over the coming decades.
Not much later, in 1961, her son Klaus Habermaass joined the company after an apprenticeship in carpentry and a degree from the School of Engineering in Rosenheim. The 24-year-old initially held the position of operations assistant, but gradually took over the technology, finance and development departments, while Luise Habermaass focused on product range development at Wehrfritz. This division of labor worked very well.
She continued to remain closely associated with the company even after her son, Klaus Habermaass, had taken over its management. She regularly visited the company to make sure everything is going well and to provide her son with support and advice well into old age. Luise Habermaass died in 2003 at the age of 97. She became the first honorary citizen of Bad Rodach.


The third generation: Sabine, Heike and Volker Habermaass

 The third generation very much believe that the family business should continue to be run by the Habermaass family. Sabine Habermaass, Heike Habermaass and Volker Habermaass are actively involved in the everyday running of the company and have a good relationship with their staff. Their wish is to run the company as it’s always been run, with growth and the preservation of jobs in mind; at the headquarters in Bad Rodach we well as at the other HABA FAMILYGROUP sites. And this is accompanied by a love of natural raw materials and a focus on traditional craftsmanship. At the same time, they make sure that the company moves with the times and look to the future with curiosity and courage. For the Habermaass family, having close ties with and a love for their home region, and cosmopolitanism are not opposites - both are part of their family tradition. The focus of all their activities is on children and their families. That is why the sustainable use of resources has been part of the history of the HABA FAMILYGROUP since its foundation, and Klaus Habermaass' children are continuing this tradition.


Building block by building block: Our company headquarters in Bad Rodach

If you want to grow you need the space for it – and this also applies to the company headquarters. What started out as a small family business consisting of a residential house and a neighboring factory building grew over the decades to become today's medium-sized company with some 2000 employees and four sites in Rodach. Construction activities have always been an integral part of the company.
The company started out modestly with the private house of the Habermaass family at August-Grosch-Straße and the building next door, which was the company headquarters. Plant I was initially built next to the family’s house. The plant was expanded again and again over the years until the family home was finally demolished in the 1970s to make more space for Plant I.
In 1955, furniture production was moved to the neighboring former ice cellar, which Eugen Habermaass had bought in 1949. The ice cellar is the only one of the old buildings from the early days which still exists today; after extensive reconstruction works, it now forms, barely recognizably, part of Plant II. The company continued to grow rapidly, and both sites had to be extended several times. In 1987 even these extended plants became too small and Plant III was built at Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse, which, among other things, now accommodates the high-bay warehouse. The fourth site, the Elsa warehouse, is located at Elsaer Strasse.
The company headquarters are located opposite Plant I. Here, the old Brauhof and Leschenhof buildings had been gradually demolished and were replaced with today’s state-of-the-art headquarters. The headquarters consists of two buildings, the new “Brauhof” building and the new “Leschenhof” building, which are connected. These modern and sustainably constructed impressive HABA FAMILYGROUP headquarters have a natural and colorful design which perfectly reflects the company's philosophy.


We work for the best target group in the world

Since we have been driven by a passion for value and design, a desire to create joy and added social value and, most importantly, our passion for children and their families.

Why we do what we do

Our Values

Eyes on the future and on the world: the HABA FAMILYGROUP has been steadfast in its convictions for over 80 years. The company’s basic values, which serve as a guide for all employees, are constantly reevaluated to ensure their integrity.

What we are