At HABA we have a principle: toys are only as good as their materials and their workmanship. That’s why we’re careful to ensure high quality when selecting materials! And we constantly check their workmanship – both during in-house production and at our suppliers. When the company was founded in 1938 and in the subsequent years, HABA exclusively manufactured products from wood. But when we started producing board games, sturdy cardboard was added to the materials used (for the game boards, cards, and tiles). Over the past decades, HABA’s product range has been consistently expanded – various polyester materials and high-quality plastics, for example, have gradually been added. All materials used are thoroughly checked before production begins.


Since 2010, our parent company in Bad Rodach Germany has borne the PEFC seal, which proves that on products produced in Germany (primarily our baby clutching toys, pacifier chains, wooden tracks and game pieces) we use timber from sustainable forestry in German forests. The beech and birch wood used come from forests located in an area of 150 km around our site in Bad Rodach in Franconia, Germany. We also acquire the plywood, which we import from Finland and Russia, exclusively from controlled cultivation. We thus support the preservation of the ecological balance of the forests and make our contribution to improving the worldwide use of forests and sustainable woodlands management. The HABA USA division also imports some of our wooden toys (especially block sets/puzzles) from our HABA ASIA business where we also closely oversee and control the materials and production.


Whenever a little color is added to our wooden toys, we always only use solvent-free paints or water-based stains, so there is no need to worry when toys for babies or pacifier chains end up in your baby’s mouth. Therefore the toys can wander from hand to mouth at any time.


Our designers create all kinds of different products using a wide variety of different textiles: smooth, low-maintenance polyester, blended cotton fabrics, soft suede and plush, corduroy, velvet, felt and mesh. It’s often the unique look and feel of the textiles that make baby toys like the HABA fabric clutching toy or fabric blocks so interesting. Our fabric toys are produced worldwide by select suppliers that we regularly visit and inspect. We inspect our worldwide manufacturers according to strict criteria (working time, working conditions, among many others). They are, among others, certified under the code of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). All toys made from fabric are tested by the State Trade Institute [Landesgewerbeanstalt] (LGA) for harmful substances: Amongst others they are tested pursuant to the Directive on Azo Dyestuff (synthetic dyestuff) 76/769/EU and the 19th Amendment 2002/61 of the Directive.


We use plastic predominantly for our sand toys. Sturdy shovels and buckets and the HABA spilling funnel have been in the HABA collection for years. And the creative sand toys from the Sun Bistro series with several different plastic forms are also very popular, as they give children the opportunity to re-enact real-life situations in an authentic manner, whether baking cakes, creating tasty pastries, or playing sand restaurant. Customers receive a five-year warranty on all polypropylene and ABS plastic HABA sand toys. We also make some baby clutching toys and various parts for marble runs out of plastic, whenever the properties of plastic make it the ideal material of choice for the design, or some kind of combination of wood and plastic together. Even in the use of plastics, we adhere strictly to Directive 2005/84 (restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations). All of our products are BPA-free and we test our plastic-based and artificial rubber-based products very stringently for diethyl phthalates according to the limits of this directive. 

Spielstabil Plastic Products:

All Spielstabil items are made in Germany and are all free of phthalates, BPA, lead and PVC.  Spielstabil products are made of food-grade ABS plastic and anything that needs to be joined together is done so using hygenic ultrasonic welding rather than glue to ensure that there are no chemical glues or adhesives used, but still has a strong, tight fit even when exposed to frequent use and intense play. These products are guaranteed for 10 years to be unbreakable, but generally last much longer than that. Additionally, Spielstabil plastic items are microwave, dishwasher and food safe up to -5*F to 230*F.  All of the toys HABA USA distributes, meet and often exceed European and US Toy Safety standards, as well as the German Food and Drug Law (equivalent to the regulations of the US FDA).


HABAform was developed in cooperation with a company from southern Germany and has been used in the production of parts for clutching toys, pacifier chains and other baby products since 2014. Its physical properties and versatility, as well as its organic nature make it perfect for use in production. HABAform is a naturally occurring material and 100% from renewable resources, which make it CO2 neutral. When the organic material is heated, it can be easily injected into the desired form, and once it has cooled and hardened, it shares all the same properties as plastic. The HABAform parts are then given their final appearance with a little paint, which was also developed by a southern German producer. Quality-assurance tests have shown that the organic material complies with all security standards for toys. That means we can safely use HABAform in all our baby toy products as well as in the rest of our products from our product range, and surprise our customers with entirely new product shapes in the future.


While quite possibly the most inconspicuous of materials used, cardboard is nevertheless absolutely crucial. It is the main material used in game boards, tiles and cards, and is therefore of central importance along with the wooden playing pieces, as the game would often just not be the same without the illustrations printed on the cardboard. Most of our books are also made of cardboard. Cardboard makes it possible to add popular features kids just love like flaps, peepholes and spinners. HABA’s beautifully illustrated puzzles are also made of cardboard, and the puzzles for toddlers are especially sturdy.


HABA cares about the environmental impact of the presence of our company and the production of our toys. Please watch these short videos on our YouTube channel to learn more.

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