Kullerbü play world from HABA – roly-poly, multi-colored, and exciting!


Play fun for ages 2 to 8 years

 Kullerbü is a flexibly expandable HABA play system that consists of colorful ball tracks and play tracks for Kullerbü vehicles. Thanks to its large parts, which can’t be swallowed (ball Ø: 1 3/4 inches/4.6 cm), they ensure playing fun for children from two years of age. Kullerbü is also attractive and exciting for older children because the Kullerbü elements can be combined with each other with fantastic effects and cute illustrations. This stimulates the creativity and imagination of children and encourages them to experiment.

Another special feature is the clever click system that makes building the Kullerbü tracks child’s play and provides stability at the same time. Things really start rolling thanks to the columns of various heights, for they are what provide the momentum to the balls.Kullerbü Ball Tracks offer maximum ball speed and exciting effects for ball Paul and his friends. And the Kullerbü play tracks provide new and unlimited wheeling wonder, as the colorful ball-convertibles drive ahead with screeching tires. Kullerbü balls can now not only roll by themselves but also “hop aboard” and be pushed along the tracks by the children.  But watch out! A fast speedster with a momentum motor is already roaring up from the slipstream! Once he gets a short push start, he then drives on by himself.

 Things are now really starting to roll here for ball Paul. Good thing he has reinforcements: Kip Krashcar, Greta Giggle, Kevin Kurvingbolt, and many other exciting effect balls.Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and deliberately works with the advantages of each particular material. The balls, columns, curves, straight tracks, and ramps made from beech wood and the effect elements made from plywood are sturdy and make the Kullerbü play system from HABA into a long-lasting toy for your child’s entire childhood – and beyond. Wood is a fantastic raw material that can be turned into countless ideas for toys and games. It is with good reason that wooden toys have been an essential component of HABA’s range of products since the company’s founding.

Elements that cannot be manufactured from wood due to their shape or functionality are made from plastic – for example the flexible connecting elements or the yellow steep ball curves where ball Paul rolls rapidly downhill. And because little Kullerbü master builders prefer to get going immediately with playing, our designers have developed an assembly system that is child’s play in the truest sense.



Clever Click System

Insert, click, done – assembling a play world could hardly be easier. The well thought out system of connecting elements ensures maximum stability, both on the floor and in the air.

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Cute and authentic children’s design

The Kullerbü play world from HABA delights children and parents both with their awesome effects and easy assembly as well as their cute and authentic children’s design.

Material, quality & safety

Toys are only as good as their materials and their workmanship. This principle applies to all HABA toys and also of course to the Kullerbü play world!


From a wooden block to Rollicking Roller Paul – a journey through HABA toy production

A truck loaded with beech wood arrives almost every day at HABA’s production plant. The first stop is the kiln then it’s on to the toy production.

Exciting special effects only for our unique Kullerbü balls!

The Kullerbü balls get the ball rolling on exciting special effects in the ball tracks, which are specially made for these balls.