Kullerbu FAQ


What’s special about Kullerbü?

  • Safe playing fun for children ages two years and up
  • Perfect combination of wood and plastic
  • Clever click system for stable momentum
  • Flexible elements that can be combined with each other and that have cute illustrations and balls with fantastic special effects extra for the balls
  • Rolling fun at various heights – thanks to the columns, the balls really take off
  • Rolling fun comes into Kullerbü play with the play tracks and vehicles

Is Kullerbü suitable for small children?

Yes! The Kullerbü play system is specially adapted to the needs and abilities of children as young as 2 years. The different Kullerbü elements are easy for little children’s hands to grip and can – with the help of adults – be easily installed. Furthermore, the balls and all the other elements are large enough that they can’t be swallowed.

What are the dimensions of the Kullerbü balls?

All Kullerbü balls are made of rugged beech wood, plastic, or rubber and have an extra-large diameter of 1 3/4 inches so that they cannot be swallowed by children, especially those under 3 years of age. Kullerbü thus offers safe playing fun for the littlest ones.

Can Kullerbü be combined – and if so, how?

Kullerbü is a large, flexibly expandable play world that offers numerous combination possibilities. Depicted on every Kullerbü box is an example of a combination structure that the Kullerbü designers have worked out and carefully tested. We have assembled some combination examples to motivate you.

Can children build Kullerbü?

Yes, with some help from adults, since the smaller the children are, the more support they’ll need when building. Older children, on the other hand, already like to experiment with the different parts and can already (almost) put together the tracks all by themselves. The principle of “click” and “insert” makes building with Kullerbü particularly easy. You can also watch how it’s done briefly and concisely in a video.

What material is Kullerbü made out of?

The Kullerbü tracks are made of beech wood, plywood, and plastic. Our products made from wood have carried the PEFC seal since 2010. This verifies that we use wood from sustainable forestry in German forests. The beech wood comes from forests that are located within 93 miles (150 km) of the company location in Bad Rodach in Upper Franconia. The plywood is imported and also comes exclusively from controlled cultivation.

Why aren’t all the parts made of wood?

Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic components and deliberately works with the advantages of each particular material. Beech wood and plywood provide stability, and plastic provides flexibility. Elements that cannot be manufactured from wood due to their shape or functionality are made from plastic – for example, the flexible connecting elements. We’re also trying to give every part a particular effect that is underscored by the different materials, e.g., the chattering in the yellow steep ball curves made of plastic.

Can you also buy individual track elements?

Exciting rolling routes can be extended and rebuilt from the parts that are contained in every Kullerbü box. In addition, the Kullerbü tracks can be expanded among themselves and with additional building material. That motivates older children in particular to experiment and promotes imagination and creativity. Standard parts such as columns, straight tracks, curves, or connecting elements are contained in so-called “expansion sets.”

Is Kullerbü compatible with the classic HABA ball track and My First Ball Track?

As a matter of principle, all HABA ball track systems are matched exactly to the age as well as the different needs and abilities of the respective target group. That’s why they can be considered as self-contained systems. Nevertheless, there are various possibilities for expediently integrating the systems with each other. You can learn here what you should keep in mind.

Which parts are suitable for vehicles?

The Kullerbü play tracks bring driving fun into Kullerbü play. Here ball convertibles (with a Kuller ball on board), speedsters with momentum motors, or Engineer Egon’s train whiz by through the play landscape. All of the parts included in the play tracks are perfectly suited for vehicles. All of the connecting elements, columns, gates, and most of the section parts from the Kullerbü ball tracks can be assembled in fantastic play tracks for the vehicles. Only the special effects for balls such as the banner ramp, the windmill, or the steep ball curve can unfortunately not be negotiated by the vehicles. You can find here an overview of the special effects for the balls.

Are the play tracks also suitable for balls?

Yes! All Kullerbü play tracks are also perfectly suitable for balls. They can roll by themselves through the tracks or – better yet – in vehicles, the so-called ball convertibles, or hop aboard onto Engineer Egon’s train and be pushed by the children through the tracks.