Environmental Protection

We produce in harmony with nature.

Active environmental protection and sustainable production have for years formed a solid foundation for our corporate activities. Short distances, modern production technology and innovative materials are a matter of course for us.

Energy footprint:

Like every other medium-sized company, the HABA FAMILYGROUP has a huge energy requirement, especially as it has its own production facilities. But the special thing about its energy footprint is this: The HABA FAMILYGROUP is not only an energy consumer, but also its own energy supplier. The main types of energy and energy sources used at the HABA FAMILYGROUP are electricity, heat, diesel and natural gas. Apart from office buildings, the main consumers of energy are the toy and furniture production departments. Heat is needed for heating the various buildings as well as for drying timber in the company's own drying chamber. This heat is generated almost exclusively by burning residual wood such as wood chips or scrap material.

Own photovoltaics power generation

In recent years, as the company built and converted facilities, some of the HABA FAMILYGROUP building roofs at the company headquarters in Bad Rodach were fitted with PV systems. This means that solar power is generated on site - exactly where it’s needed.




'We assume responsibility for our environment' – that is one of the principles of our corporate philosophy. For us, that means minimizing the ecological impact within the bounds of the financially defensible. HABA takes environmental protection very seriously in all aspects of its business, therefore we are constantly upgrading our production processes and ascertaining, evaluating and minimizing the use of raw materials, emissions and waste volumes on an ongoing basis.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Conserving natural resources and minimizing our environmental impact is of utmost importance to us when selecting materials and determining the right production methods. The PEFC label, for example, which all our wooden toys have carried since 2010, is a testament to this commitment. All beech and birch wood used in our production comes from sustainable forestry. By only utilizing wood from sustainable forestry, we help preserve the ecological balance of our planet’s forests and do our part in improving sustainable forestry practices. HABA produces most of our wooden toys at its site in Bad Rodach, Franconia. We use woods from sustainable forestry.

HABA requires that all wood suppliers are PEFC* Certified. Please visit the PEFC website and search for "Habermaass" in their database for more information.

*PEFC = Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. The aim of the organization is to improve sustainable forestry and the maintenance and ecological balance of forests. 

We were the 1st toy maker in Germany to pass the ecological audit, and we have been granted DIN ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

The corporate family accepts its responsibility for the environment. This is why environmental protection has been an integrated part of our company policy for years. We actively protect the environment in all phases of production:

  • We use environmentally-friendly processing methods and continue to improve our technology to protect both people and the environment.
  • We constantly calculate, evaluate, and minimize our use of materials.
  • We use modern energy management for all forms of energy we need (pressurized air, electricity, and heat), and with all machines and in all buildings, always with the environment in mind.

Environmental protection will continue to play an important role in the future – for us, for our customers, for our children.

The tenets of our environmental policy:

  • Environmental protection is an integral component of the HABA corporate family.
  • The concept of protecting the environment pervades every function and day-to-day work at every company level.
  • Environmental awareness is constantly promoted among our staff by means of training courses.
  • Our suppliers are integrated into our corporate family’s environmental policy.
  • We actively operate economic protection of the environment.
  • We place a premium on and abide by the pertinent environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Production processes have to be continually upgraded. We ascertain, evaluate and minimise the use of raw materials, emissions and waste volumes on an ongoing basis.
  • We regularly provide our customers, the public and the appropriate authorities with information on the environmental pollution caused by the HABA corporate family and on the work we do for the environment.

Ecological building services engineering

Recycling of wood residues, utilization of rain water and solar energy, green roofs, implementation of ecological standards in new construction projects—the list of measures taken to minimize our environmental impact is long. And all these environmental policies affect all members of the HABA corporate family—we’re all in it together striving for the same goals. Complying with the manifold environmental protection laws and standards is not a burden to us, rather a shared way of life.

Regional Animal Protection

Environmental protection is also exercised by protecting the animals of the region. The HABA corporate family has many tall buildings such as silos for wood chips and a high-bay warehouse on its site in Bad Rodach. We have built birdhouses on the property, which are frequently used every year by kestrels, swifts and other birds. Also, the hedges, which surround the parking lots, provide an optimal habitat for smaller species of birds and many other animals. In total, HABA offers haven to 24 different species of birds, helping protect the animals of the region.