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Your child is non-stop, so the last thing you want is a toy that will call it quits before he’s done playing with it. Fortunately, your child has met his match with our heirloom toys at HABA USA. These high-end toys are not your ordinary children’s toys — they are built to last. From bath toys to beach toys and everything in between, we offer your child plenty of opportunities to use their imagination for hours of make-believe fun!

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Keep the Fun Going with Heirloom Toys

At HABA USA, we make it easy for you to find the perfect long-lasting toys for the little ones in your life. Need something to help your little explorer investigate the world around him? Look no further than our Terra Kids collection, complete with functional and fun gliders, cork boats, and even flashlights. Meanwhile, your little prince or princess can easily find a new (and durable!) best friend to fall in love with in our Dolls category.

Whether you’re on the hunt for exploratory heirloom-quality toys and games or builder toys, you’ll find the ideal selection in our online toy store. All of our offerings are an excellent way to enhance how your little one sees their world!

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When you shop at HABA USA, you can rest assured that all of the heirloom toys you purchase will be built to last. Our child development toys and games are the ideal way to connect parents, children, and grandchildren for generations to come.

We believe in our products so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our offerings also stand out for being competitively priced. In fact, any order of $29.99 or more comes with free shipping. Shop now for the best toys around!