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Shop our hand puppets for kids to ignite imagination and inspire the storyteller in your child! These glove puppets make the perfect addition to any toy collection and will provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re giving them as a gift to the grandkids or just want to surprise your little one, these puppets for toddlers are sure to put a smile on their faces and create lasting memories for years to come.

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Unique Hand Puppets for Kids

At HABA USA, we love creating timeless toys like glove puppets, block sets, and so much more. Our collection of puppets for toddlers and a variety of ages come in unique, fantasy-inspired designs. From a classic princess puppet to a musical donkey, your child will be able to create their own stories featuring an exciting cast of characters!

Like every product at HABA USA, our hand puppets for kids are made to last, and we use high-quality fabric to create realistic and charming designs children love. We know how important it is to inspire children to create and imagine, and with our classic puppets, you can do just that!

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For generations, HABA USA has been helping families create memories with grandparents, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, and so much more. Our classic toys are designed to be handed down, and your child will cherish the memories they make for years to come.

Explore all of the German-designed toys in our inventory and give the gift of play today! Our puppets, baby toys, play sets, and more will help your child grow and learn while having so much fun. Shop now and get flat-rate shipping from HABA USA today!