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Hand Puppets and Theater

Our hand puppets for kids ignite imagination and inspire the storyteller in your child! They make the perfect addition to any toy collection and will provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re giving them as a gift to the grandkids or just want to surprise your little one, these puppet toys are sure to put a smile on their faces and create lasting memories for years to come.

Elevate Storytime with HABA's Puppets Collection!

Bring stories to life with HABA's enchanting soft hand puppets and puppet theater collection. Our whimsical hand puppets, crafted with the finest materials, captivate young imaginations and inspire endless storytelling adventures. Designed for interactive play and imaginative expression, each hand puppet features soft, plush fabric and vibrant colors that engage children's senses.

From friendly animals to charming characters, our diverse hand puppet selection sparks creativity and encourages role-playing. Complete the theatrical experience with HABA's puppet theater, providing the perfect stage for storytelling magic. Crafted with durability and quality in mind, our puppet theater enhances dramatic play and fosters language development.

Encourage Creative Expression with Puppet Play

Step into a world of imagination with HABA's charming soft hand puppets, including the lovable Eat It Up Dragon puppet that is a staple for educators worldwide. Crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, our soft hand puppets ignite creativity and storytelling magic and can be used at home or in school and library settings.

Whether it's the whimsical Eat It Up Croco Glove Puppet or other enchanting characters, our hand puppets encourage role-playing, social interaction, and language development. Perfect for solo play or group performances, HABA's soft hand puppets and puppet theater collection enrich storytelling sessions, encourage social interaction, and nurture a love for creative expression.


Are HABA puppets suitable for different age groups?

Yes, HABA hand puppets are suitable for different age groups, starting at 18 months and up. Each puppet is designed with age-appropriate features and materials to ensure safe and enjoyable play experiences for toddlers and older children alike. With their soft, plush construction and engaging designs, HABA hand puppets provide opportunities for imaginative storytelling and creative expression at various developmental stages.

How do I clean HABA puppets?

Our plush and fabric puppets are all machine washable on cold/delicate cycles. Let air dry after washing. These hand puppets are made with durable materials to be a long lasting part of your children’s play worlds.

Can HABA puppets be used in group settings or classrooms?

Yes, our puppets are chosen by educators and speech pathologists around the world. Our dragon and crocodile hand puppets have been known to eat letters, numbers and words.....bringing a little extra fun to each day of learning! Their independently moving eyes are another hand puppet feature that make them extra fun and engaging to audiences.