Pretend Play Food


Work up an appetite with play kitchen food from HABA USA! Our realistic play food is fun, safe, and looks good enough to eat. From breakfast to dessert, this wooden and felt play food will light up your child’s imagination and encourage creativity in the kitchen. Explore all of our pretend play food and other toys today!

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Imaginary Feasts Await with HABA's Play Food Collection

Get their creativity cooking with our range of play food sets. Perfect for budding chefs and little foodies, our play food collection includes an assortment of play food, kid’s kitchen set ups, and even a store to sell it all in and so much more, all designed to inspire endless culinary adventures.

Whether your child is whipping up a gourmet spaghetti dinner or cracking eggs for breakfast, our realistic play food sets provide the perfect ingredients for imaginative play. Crafted with vibrant colors and life-like details, our play food items are sure to spark your child's imagination and encourage role-playing fun. Made with safety and quality in mind, HABA's play food sets are durable and easy to clean, ensuring hours of worry-free play.

The Benefits of Playing with Play Food

Designed with incredible attention to detail, each plush food item replicates the look and feel of real ingredients, allowing children to explore the world of cooking in a safe and enjoyable way. Perfect for pairing with kid’s kitchens or setting up a makeshift restaurant, HABA's soft pretend play food sets enhance creativity, language development, and social skills during playtime.

Our play food sets provide a myriad of benefits for your child's development. From fostering creativity to enhancing social skills and promoting healthy eating habits, the possibilities are endless. As your little chef whips up delicious meals in their pretend kitchen, they're also sharpening their cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and language development.


How do HABA's soft play food items compare to traditional plastic play food?

HABA's soft play food stands out for its plush and fabric construction, which provides a more realistic and sensory-rich tactile play experience. The soft texture of HABA's play food makes it safer for younger children, as there are no hard or sharp edges that could cause injury. HABA's soft play food items are often more detailed and life-like in appearance, enhancing imaginative play and promoting language development as children explore different food items and their characteristics.

Are HABA's play food items machine washable?

Yes, all of HABA’s soft play food items are machine washable using cold water and a gentle cycle and then hung to dry. You can always hand wash all of our items as well. The wooden play food can be wiped with a damp cloth and mild soap and thoroughly dried afterwards.

Can HABA's play food be used with other kid’s kitchen sets?

Yes, HABA's play food is designed to be versatile and compatible with various kid’s kitchen sets. Whether it's HABA’s kitchen set or another brand, the size and design of HABA's play food items are generally suitable for use with most kid’s kitchen sets. This flexibility allows children to expand their culinary adventures and imaginative play by incorporating HABA's play food into different kid’s kitchen setups, fostering creativity and role-playing scenarios.