Developmental Toys

Developmental Toys

Want to give your toddler the world’s best experiences right in your living room? All you need is a handful of our HABA USA educational toys for toddlers at the ready! Our best-selling toddler toys are not your average toys for the little ones — they’re mind-expanding, heart-stopping treats that your young one will fawn over, over and over again. From learning puzzles for toddlers to toddlers’ very first board games, we take pride in offering toys that are both educational and entertaining.

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Check Out Our Learning Toys for Toddlers

Does your little learner love singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”? Then bring their favorite farm-themed tune to life with puzzles and stacking toys from HABA USA! With the help of their favorite animals, you can immerse your child in matching games and creative play.

Looking for other in-demand learning toys for toddlers? You can’t go wrong with our easy-to-tote HABA USA magnetic games. These colorful mazes are sure to keep your little one occupied for hours on end, all while they increase their problem-solving and motor skills! We also offer blocks and cups for endless play!

Why Choose HABA USA?

HABA USA is a proud manufacturer of high-quality toys and games for children of all ages. All of our offerings are first-rate classic heirloom toys that are durable and long-lasting. So, don’t be surprised if your toddler’s favorite toys end up becoming her child’s or even her grandchild’s playtime partners in the coming generations!

Start helping your child—or another precious little one in your life—to grow on a whole new level with the help of our one-of-a-kind HABA USA toys today! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, which will get you an irresistible discount on your first purchase!