Colored Blocks

The colors on our blocks are water-based, non-toxic, and super-safe. The blocks themselves have smooth, sanded edges, and the natural feel of wood with fanciful shapes and designs that foster creativity and imagination.

Blocks, one of the simplest yet best toys for children.

Why? Blocks require both fine and gross motor skills and while children play with the HABA blocks they learn to take turns and share materials, improve their attention span, become self-reliant, develop self-esteem, develop new friendships and learn to cooperate with others. And when playing with HABA colored blocks you know they are safe, from the sustainable grown hardwoods to the non-toxic, super safe stains and paints. Whether you purchase HABA’s stained blocks or painted blocks you can be assured that they are heirloom blocks that will provide hours of enjoyment to many generations for years to come.