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Baby Toys


As a parent, you want toys that are fun, safe and help your child develop their skills. That’s why HABA offers a selection of infant toys that will help start your baby off on a creative path, while also making memories you’ll always cherish. HABA toys are engaging and entertaining, bringing smiles while aiding in your child’s development. Shop now to find adorable toys that will help your child learn, grow and play.

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Timeless Toys

Some things never change. Babies will always benefit from toys that encourage creativity, stimulate the senses, and improve fine motor skills, color recognition and more. Our infant toys are designed to do just that.

From wooden rattles to colorful teething rings and grasping toys, you’re sure to find high-quality HABA toys that your little one will love.

A Great Way to Start

It’s never too early to spark your child’s creativity with HABA toys. Capture your child’s attention with fun, colorful baby toys that introduce them to a world of imagination. Whether it’s helping them learn how to grasp objects, or introducing them to a world of colors and textures and sounds, HABA is there to get baby off to a great start.

All HABA toys are rigorously tested to ensure they meet American and European Federal safety standards, so you never have to worry about what your child is playing with. Check out our collection of adorable baby toys and start shopping today!

Our Commitment

HABA has dedicated itself to making educational toys fun while caring for the world around us. Our toys are designed to be durable, so they last for years, and are manufactured using environmentally sound practices. Our wooden toys are made from lumber harvested from sustainable forests and we play a role in the reforestation of local land.