12 to 24 months

12 to 24 months

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Development toys for toddlers are crucial to learning and growth in this magical time. Toddlers are starting to understand speech, multiple-stage directions, and complex movement. You can bring in their first books or create stories with dolls. Plus, as their motor skills improve, they’ll love playing with blocks, stacking games, and more advanced toys than children 0-12 months.

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Development Toys for Toddlers

Dolls help toddlers to express themselves and show interest in others. Kids might begin to speak at this age or string together a couple of words, helped by the stories they’ve been told. They’ll delight in sorting colors and building stacks of blocks. They might even begin kicking a ball! There’s no shortage of toys for 12-24 months that will help them improve all of these skills and more.

Learning through play is always effective for kids (and adults) of any age. But especially at 1-2 years, development toys for toddlers can make all the difference in their curiosity and growth.

Helping Families Bond

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HABA USA is a family company, and we work to create meaningful bonding moments for children and their loved ones. Our toys are built for child development and intergenerational play. Help the toddler in your life grow with our early learning collection, and connect with us if you have any questions.