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1 adult and 3 kids gathered around table playing capt'n pepe

What is a Legacy Game?

A Whole World in a Game and a Whole World of Fun: 5 Legendary Qualities of Legacy Games for Kids

Perhaps you’ve noticed we have a new game in the HABA neighborhood. And you might’ve also noticed that this new game is no ordinary game. So we would like to take the time to officially introduce you to, Capt’n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy, the first legacy game for ages 6 and up. That last part, the legacy game part, is one of the qualities that makes this game so extraordinary and so different from other tabletop games. Well, other than it being about pirates, treasure chests, a captain who is a parrot, and saving the world!

But the question remains, what exactly is a legacy game? Legacy games are relative newcomers to the tabletop gaming family but "legacy-style" games have been played by people for a number of years. (Think Dungeons and Dragons, for example.) There are a few universal principles that unite this category of immersive and experiential games and in this blog, we will lay out what the common components are and some of the unique ways that legacy games are played by using Capt’n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy to guide the ship!

  1. The Game Materials Change: In a legacy game, the game materials change from game to game, most often in a permanent way. When playing the Capt’n Pepe, Treasure Ahoy legacy game, the game materials get covered with nautical-themed stickers that are connected to each chapter in the Adventure Book. That means Pepe’s ship, The Melody, as well as the treasure map change their appearance as new stickers are earned to mark the journey through the adventure. The changes that are made by players as they play each round, make the game entirely their own. For example, if another family plays Capt’n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy, they might earn more or less stickers and their ship and treasure map will look different than yours.
  2. New Game Components are Unlocked as the Game is Played: Individual game components change throughout the game as new clues emerge from the hidden treasure boxes and the special envelope. And as the game changes over game play, players will continually be surprised as new game material emerges from secret treasure boxes and envelopes. These new components unleash new scenarios, characters, and change the situation for each player. Not to mention, opening up a real (miniature) treasure chest is extra exciting!
  3. Legacy Games Revolve Around an Elaborate Story: One of the essential elements to legacy games is the storytelling element that gets woven throughout the game play and strategy. The story arc in a legacy game is often dramatic and exhilarating, keeping everyone on their toes and wanting to finish the game. In Capt’n Pepe, the story is told in the 25 chapter Adventure Book and follows the journey of Pepe and his crew throughout the seven seas as they try to save the world from the evil Madame Goldtooth. Each chapter has actions that the player must complete when they finish reading or listening to the audiobook version.
  4. Because Legacy Games Change, It's Easier (but not essential) to Play with the Same Group of People: Oftentimes the game duration in a legacy game is called a 'campaign.' In most 'legacy campaigns,' the crew you begin your campaign with tends to be consistent. Since a coherent story is told in "Captain Pepe, Treasure Ahoy" and the challenges on the high seas become increasingly difficult, playing with the same people is the easiest way to play. However, there is nothing wrong with playing with different people,  you'll just have to update them as to what adventures have unfolded before they joined the crew! 
  5. What Happens When You Finish the Legacy Part of the Game? Once the treasure map and treasure collection have been fully covered and the amazing adventures of Captain Pepe and his fearless crew have come to an end, players might need a breather! But fear not, the sail can continue as "Capt’n Pepe, Treasure Ahoy" can be played as a "normal" board game. In the non-legacy version, players will set their own challenges and choose the modules they want to combine with each other. Although no refills and expansions have been planned for Capt'n Pepe: Treasure Ahoy right now, stay tuned. Captain Pepe doesn’t seem like the kind of parrot to sit still!
    Hopefully these explanations help you understand just how amazing and different playing a legacy game can be. We are so excited about this new game and can’t wait for people to experience the adventure of a lifetime with Captain Pepe and his fearless crew!

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