Welcome, Grandparents, to the World of HABA!

The joys of being a grandparent! You get to love and spoil your own child’s offspring and then you get to send them home! Grandparents and grandchildren have a very special relationship. Unlike parents who are plugged into routines and responsible for discipline, a grandparent is a special kind of friend to a grandchild. To make your time together even more special, incorporate some of HABA’s wonderful toys and games.

If you’re a new grandparent, it’s time to meet HABA. HABA got its start in an empty factory building in 1938 making fine wooden products. It was an uncertain time, but HABA’s founders were certain that children were the most important thing on earth. That remains the core of HABA’s corporate philosophy. Everything we do, we do for them, the children. We emphasize quality and safety as well as customer service. We take social responsibility, including our environmental impact.

We staff 15 inventors (designers) to generate new products and games. They see their ideas come to fruition from mere drawings to the finished product into a child’s hands. With that kind of caring, it’s not a surprise to us that many of HABA’s toys have been awarded national and international prizes for quality and design.

From stuffed toys to arts and crafts to ride-on toys to games, here are a few of our favorite HABA toys:

Allez Hopp Rattle

  • The Allez Hopp Rattle ($27.99) is a larger size clutching toy that offers various play elements in one: a bell, flower and clown figures plus grasping rings amuse babies up to one year old.
  • Big Voyage Pull Toy ($35.99) is ideal for babies old enough to scoot. Cat, Mouse and Bear are ready to be pushed, pulled, sorted and stacked. Each makes different sounds.
  • Guardian Angel Tine Pure Nature - Organic Soft Toy ($24.99) is soft and cuddly with fun, pink hair, striped socks and angel wings, a perfect reminder of grandma and grandpa.
  • Arranging Game Corner to Corner ($34.99) tests the imagination. Sixty-two pieces can be arranged flat or upright making for countless options and color patterns.
  • The Chef Stovetop Set ($69.99) is a future chef’s foundation. It comes with a wooden cooktop, apron, frying pan, pot and lid and salt and pepper shakers, is dishwasher and microwave safe and is even suitable for real food contact.
  • Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge ($36.99) is an award-winning game for 6+ with  stackable animals on a mission to cross the balancing bridge. Perfect for grandparents to join in!

HABAUSA.com hopes you’ll become a loyal customer. Shop for our products in stores and online. We’re here to help you as the toy source you turn to return to for special times with your grandchildren.

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