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Top Toys for Tots

Top Toys for Tots

The toddler years are prime time for children to not only enjoy toys but to gain so much from them. A well-chosen toy encourages imagination, gross and fine motor skills, reasoning and early learning of colors, shapes and words. Watch a young child play with a really wonderful toy and you see them light up, lost in the fun they are having. At HABA, where children and their toys are at the forefront of everything we do, we know searching for just the right toy can be difficult. So we’ve chosen some of our favorites to make the choosing easy. HABA Little Scamp Soft Cloth Toy Doll Dolls Little Scamp Mette ($26.59) is so cute, she’ll be a well-loved friend far beyond the toddler years. With red hair, freckles and a cute, polka dot dress and red Mary Janes, she’s a real love. Because dolls are not just for girls, HABA welcomes the adorable Graham Doll ($36.09) into the family. Sporting cool overalls, a striped shirt and bandana, he even wears his baseball cap backward. He’s a charmer. Games It’s all in good fun with the Zippy Scooters Domino Game ($30.39). With colorful, easy-to-handle pieces, children ages 1-2 create their own path for a car to follow. HABA My First Game Ding Dong Forest Encourage a love of music with HABA’s My Very First Games Ding-Dong-Forest ($34.19). Little mouse Mia visits each of her musical friends to decide which musical instrument she wants to play. Make Believe The pieces in the Animal Kids Play Figures ($10.44) are just the right size for grasping. Children ages 1-2 will love the little calf, foal, lamb and piglet and their play tiles for fun on the farm. It might be a babydoll who gets a ride in the MOOVER Doll Pram ($123.49), or a stuffed animal, or the family cat. No matter who inhabits this beautifully made doll carrier, your little one will be encouraged to care for their little charges. Wooden wheels and rubber tires mean it can go outside too. And the Pram is made of sustainable sources. Building While they are made for 1-2 year-olds to handle and enjoy, the Colored Building Blocks ($41.79) will be played with for years to come. Thirty blocks with different colors, allow children to create to their heart’s content – only to knock them down and start again. HABA Wooden Pully Toys Or, let children build first, then pull along the amusing Convoi Pull & Stack Toy ($47.49). They’ll be so proud to take their unique creation of shapes and colors around for a walk. Learning Basics Introduce young children to the simplicity of the Bead Abacus Stacker and Sorter ($39.99). This classic toy made up of 5 wooden pegs with different colored beads teaches early math skills, colors, and fine motor skills. Shapes, colors and patterns are all part of the fun with Curioso Discovery Blocks ($28.49). These pretty blocks stimulate perception and the senses and can also be used as embellishment on buildings children make. With so much variety, HABA makes it easy to shop for the tot in your life. Visit our website and see the other toys we carry. Our website lets you search by age group, type of toy and even brand to make shopping easier. Then, all you have to do is sit back and watch your little one learn, explore and enjoy.

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