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Tips for Finding Just the Right Gift for Your Dear Little Ones

Tips for Finding Just the Right Gift for Your Dear Little Ones

The Holidays are fast approaching. There is still so much to do; bake cookies, put up festive decorations and of course, find just the right gifts for everyone. So, our gift ideas are right on time. At HABA, you can be sure to find just the right gift for your dear little ones. Have a look, you‘ll be surprised!

“Playful” gift ideas When children play, they are right where they want to be. Whether caring for a favorite doll, playing shopkeeper role games or breathlessly following a puppet show, they always immerse completely to their fantasy world. Naturally, playing games with siblings, parents and grandparent is also oceans of fun, because playtime is valuable family time together!

Gift suggestions for “Explorers” Children are constantly discovering new things with infinite curiosity and an eagle eye for details. Especially at play in the great outdoors with our Terra Kids items, nature is sometimes examined very closely. But indoors there is also loads to discover. With ball tracks or building blocks, children can give their fantasy free rein, creating endlessly new constructions. For the little ones, musical instruments are always fascinating as they discover the completely different sounds they can create.

Gift suggestions for “Dreamers” Wherever children are at play, there is always a good deal of sound. Wild horseplay in the living room and sometimes shaking the walls with their noise are a given with children. But just as important as raising the roof, are moments of quiet repose - leafing through a picture book, snuggling up on a beanbag, daydreaming or even taking a restful nap inside one of our gorgeous room tents.

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