- Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon Review

Paige from found that our Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon is adored by both her sons, and played with in different ways since they aren't the same age. What a versatile toy! Reviews HABA's Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon"Walter is just so cool! He offers all of the best baby toys in one. He crinkles (which has to be my little man’s favorite since he is constantly crinkling him) and even has a soft squeak! I have also caught little man staring at his own reflection in Walter, and that totally fascinates him. I have to tell you though, typing this out, I have a hard time referring to this toy as Walter. You see, my oldest son has adopted it as his own (and I often have to go searching for him for the baby) and has named him Mr. Green. It seems that since a Dragon is so close to a dinosaur, my oldest is in love with it too! Mr. Green-errr….Walter has been put to good use around our home. Seriously, two little boys that are using him in completely different ways: one who is using him for all of the sensory developments and the other as an imagination play toy." Read the rest

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