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TheLifeOfRylie.com - Gotz Muffin Doll Review

 Götz Dolls From HABA {Review & Giveaway} Raina from TheLifeofRylie.com shared her wonderful thoughts on our Gotz Muffin doll, see what she had to say! TheLifeOfRylie.com Reviews HABA's Gotz Muffin Doll"Also, the body of the doll isn't filled with traditional fiber-fill type of materials; she is filled with small beads that make her weigh a little more, and I think it adds to how realistic she is. She is such great quality, and even her clothes show that. Those beads are what makes the best feature of her - all Götz dolls (with the exception of the standing dolls) are made to be machine washable! With all of the kissing going on around here, I am sure we will be washing her often! Directions for washing the dolls are to place them in a pillow case, turn the water to cold, delicate cycle, then let the doll lie, belly down, until dry. It is that easy! I love that they have a doll that can be cleaned. Haley has a slight cold right now, and I tend to go on wash overload when either one of them gets sick and try to get all the germs out of their toys." Read the rest

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