The Only Thing Small About HABA’s New “Lilliputiens” Line Is The Characters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HABA Makes Big Introduction of Small Lilliputiens At Toy Fair The first time children gaze up at the buildings in New York City they are awe-struck by how tall they are. Now imagine how the denizens of the famed land of Lilliput would feel? Luckily, the Lilliputiens are arriving at the American International Toy Fair under the nurturing care of HABA, so rather than feel small their love will make them feel like giants. Direct from the land of little wonders, HABA is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Lilliputiens, the land of little wonders. And like the proud Belgian mothers who created this delightful line of tiny, fairytale rattles, puppets and squeakers, HABA is equally proud to re-introduce this beloved line to North American babies and toddlers. Lilliputiens is based in Belgium and its toys are made by hand with care in Asia. The toys, patterns, fabrics, characters, are all 100% its own creations, designed by a team of five young and trend-conscious moms who ensure that in a world full of little wonders, every toy has its own fun story. Lilliputiens’ numerous mascots each have their own magical universe. Soft materials and disarming characters engender trust, while the many shapes, colors and noises will continuously challenge a child’s inquisitive spirit. Designs and fabulous fabrics necessitate hand sewn, hand made results. You can see a small sampling of these tiny delights in HABA’s main Booth 451 or check out the entire line in the Land of Lilliput, Booth 5778. Lilliputiens organizes its products into themed collections. Download the press release to view a small sampling of what you’ll find among key collections for 2013.

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