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Ten Fun Things To Do in Fall

Ten Fun Things To Do in Fall

ten fun things to do in fallAll across the country, the autumn season brings shorter days, longer nights, falling leaves that crunch underfoot, fun holidays, glorious colors and a sense of excitement that is accentuated by the chill in the air.

It’s Fall, a time to experience so many simple pleasures with children. Let us help you get in touch with your inner child and explore some of the fun that can be had this time of year.

1. Give the kids a child-size rake and gather up all of the leaves in the yard into a giant pile before...you guessed it... jumping in them and scattering them all over the place again. It’s practically a requirement of Fall to do so!

2. Find an apple orchardapple picking and pick apples directly from the trees. This is a wonderful way to teach kids about farms and how something they enjoy eating is really grown. Then come home to boil chopped apples in some water and sugar. Mush them up when tender and add cinnamon and nutmeg to make your very own apple sauce. Yum! 3. A pumpkin patch makes another great field trip to show kids how things grow. Let your child take their time finding just the right pumpkin whether they use it for decoration or want to carve it for a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Be sure to roast those pumpkin seeds and season them with salt, cumin or cinnamon for a different twist. 4. Mazes are very popular these days whether it’s an elaborate one made by tall corn stalks or shorter rye, they are a wonderful way to have fun with your kids getting completely lost! Many corn mazes now have smaller (shorter) mazes for the little ones too. 5. Make a scarecrow for the yard using hay stuffed into old clothes. Place him on a bale of hay to greet visitors – and maybe scare some crows away. 6. Take a long walk just as dusk sets in, taking the Terra Kids Camping Light to light your way home. Explore, seeing how plants have changed in the fall. 7. Take a closer look at bugs and the insides of dried flowers and broken branches using Terra’s Magnifying Glass with shatterproof plastic that fits in the smallest pocket. Be sure to collect leaves of different shapes and colors to take home and examine under a microscope. popular haba games8. Curl up inside with a good book or gather the family together to play one of our many board games, while sipping on some hot spiced apple cider. 9. Have an exceedingly proper tea party which is a great opportunity reinforce good manners and conversation skills. 10. Help your child play dress up using some costume pieces and other, “found” items in the closet. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to don a cloak or crown. It’s all in good fun. Here at HABA, we believe in using imaginations, letting a child’s mind wander, wonder and explore. Visit our online store for other ways to help children enjoy the fall season and every season of the year.

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