Discover the BIG World of Dolls

Discover the BIG World of Dolls

Some things hit us right in the heart and never let go, especially in the beginning of our lives. As children, we develop a unique bond with our toys, especially our favorite childhood dolls. There is something special about the way a doll looks you in the eye and quietly understands what you are going through. Dolls symbolize friendship, loyalty, and most importantly, love.

Together, children and their dolls, share valuable memories in one of the most important phases of their life. Dolls are there when little world explorers need them: as cuddle partners, secret keepers, pranksters and companions. One thing is for sure: a childhood with a doll by your side means a childhood full of love and adventure.

Dolls: Cuddly Soft Friends and So Much More

The first day of kindergarten, the family vacation, long hikes, exploring the supermarket, sleeping in your own bed for the first time, the next visit to the doctor - all these events are easier and more fun with a doll by your side. Our HABA dolls thrive in these tricky situations as well as the more adventurous ones. There is something in those sweet embroidered faces that exudes an extra dose of heart and character. And with their soft bodies and adorable smiles,  HABA dolls are ready for all of the different parts of childhood from morning until bedtime.

Take Your HABA Doll with You Through A Day

Always there, always in the thick of it… your HABA doll is built for fun and built and with the wide range of accessories we have, your doll can always be by your side! So here’s a day in the life…


Wakey, wakey…eggs and bac-y. There’s nothing quite like waking up with a doll beside you and smelling the smells of a yummy breakfast being prepared. Your doll’s tummy is grumbling too, so after a quick diaper change, you head down to breakfast and put your special doll table seat next to you, so you can both take part in the most important meal of the day!


Adventure time! After a quiet morning of play and reading stories together, you and your doll are ready for some fresh air. Perfect time for a picnic lunch at the park! Put your friend in their doll backpack and grab the diaper bag. It’s time for some fun.

Uh-oh! That slide sure was fast and your doll skinned their knee. Good thing, you have your doll's doctor kit and can take care of any booboos. 

It’s been a long day of exploring and playing and all of that fun left some marks on your doll. No worries, our dolls can easily take a bath, (in the washing machine!) and before long, they look good as new. 


After a long day, it’s time to tuck your special doll in and hold it close. Soft as a cuddly pillow, your doll is ready for sweet dreams. And when the next day comes, your little friend is ready for another day in the big world! 


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