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Smart Play Makes Learning a Pleasure

HABA ToysThe proper toy in the hands of a child draws upon their natural curiosity and playfulness to build knowledge while nurturing both their ability to learn and their motor skills. A young child lacks the verbal skills to adequately express themselves, so play becomes an important way communicate, both for the child and the caregiver. Children with learning challenges can overcome them with well designed play. As verbal skills develop, toys can be a valuable tool for learning, too. That's why HABA has been inventing high quality toys that combine learning with fun for over 70 years. First Blocks is a great way to introduce your 1-2-year-old to the world of discovery. Its little red buggy comes with a driver and six building blocks. Acoustic and visual surprises will delight your child while developing their ability to visualize, assign, and build simple constructs. First Blocks are made from beech wood with non-toxic water-based stain. HABA Fantasy Blocks take the basics of First Blocks and grow from there. This 26-piece toy set transforms your child's first buildings into delightful constructs of bright colors and patterns. Auditory stimulation from the bell toy adds to the developmental value in a toy rated by Dr. Toy as its Best Classic Toy. Older toddlers will discover endless creative possibilities with HABA's Arranging Game Corner-to-Corner. Designed for children 3-5 years old, this brightly-colored game challenges them to design and build both flat, two-dimensional works and upright, three-dimensional structures. It comes with 62 safely-sized beech wood pieces finished with a non-toxic water-based stain. Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and endorsed by several leading play and parenting organizations, the Arranging Game will fascinate your child for hours of creative play. Want your child to learn to count? Let a clever bear teach them! The Clever Bear Learns to Count game teaches children 3-5 how to count from 1-10 and develops their first arithmetic skills while engaging them in a fun game for 2-5 players. The game comes with instructions for playing four different counting and math games, but we're certain you can come up with even more ways for the Clever Bear to teach your child to love numbers. The game comes with sturdy cardboard playing cards, wooden dice, and a threaded counter. Older children will develop their concentration and math skills with 3 x 4 = Swat! This high-spirited game asks the players to make simple calculations from the basic multiplication tables and whack a fly when they have an answer. The Ghostly ABC Learning Game is a collection of games with different levels of difficulty for one or more players. Its dice, tile, and writing games help children learn the alphabet while a friendly little ghost joins in the fun. Both of these games are designed for children 6-years and older and do contain small parts that present a choking hazard to infants, so be sure to enjoy them safely. You can shop for these and other HABA games and toys securely on our online store or in person at fine HABA retailers worldwide. Either way, you know that when it comes to fine toys and games, at HABA, it's all about the kids!

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