- Pulling Cart Leafy Girl Wins MACT Award commended HABA on their site for our awesome Pure Nature line. We love to help set consious parents minds at ease! See what they had to say about us... Review of HABA's Pulling Cart Leafy Girl Why HABA PULLING CART, LEAFY GIRL Wins MACT Excellence Award

  • > Charming design.
  • > “Pure Nature Organic” assures parents of the highest quality cottons for both the threads and the outer materials. All “Pure Nature” textiles are produced in accordance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). The GOTS standards for organic textiles and the use of raw materials ensure safety not just for children but also for the environment.
  • > The polyester filling, which is Oeko Tek 100 Certified , certifies, that “Pure Nature” products by HABA are hygienic and washable. It may be hard to believe but fillings made of natural material have very poor drying quality, hence a greater risk of mold, so polyester is preferred.
  • > The wood is beech wood.
  • > HABA’s corporate headquarters where the products are manufactured is a “green” company!
  • > Minimal packaging, and for a toy, you KNOW this is impressive!
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