Parent Tested Parent Approved Endorses Triple Treats By Haba: Rhino Hero Plus Pirates Treasure & Caro Lini Play Tents

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: KidStuff Public Relations Lisa Orman • 608-767-1102 Parents Know Best When It Comes To Toys -- It's HABA, Again & Again! Skaneateles, NY (August 6, 2012) – Consumers like word-of-mouth endorsements whether looking for a babysitter or a baby stroller. That's the concept behind the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) awards program where real families write real reviews about new products, particularly toys. HABA, now in its seventh decade of producing beautifully crafted playthings, was singled out three times for three adorable new products: Rhino Hero boxed game, Pirates Treasure themed tent and pretty Caro Lini foldable play tent. Spotting a PTPA Winner seal on a store shelf means the "product is exceptional and stands up to the rigorous expectations of today’s family," explains the national juvenile products contest. They also share candid remarks from consumers coast to coast. Among the many questions asked to the families reviewing the HABA play tents was if their child(ren) "tend to want to play dress up when playing in a tent, or not?" One mom wrote back with the sort of answer every parent would love to read: "It's funny because they both were not that interested in dressing up until we got the tent. Now they each wear capes (when they are superheroes and it's their super hero house and also when they are queen and king and it's their castle) and they also put on shopkeeper aprons, doctor gear, and more when they are pretending the tent is a store or business." For more candid observations by everyday parents, read the full press release (pdf), including details about HABA's three 2012 award winning products.

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