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OutNumbered3-1.com - Gotz Muffin Doll Review

Katrina over at OutNumbered3-1.com reviewed our Blonde Muffin Doll on her blog. Check out what she had to say! OutNumbered3-1.com Review of HABA's Gotz Muffin DollOne of the really cool features of these dolls is that you style their hair and they even have some styling techniques over on the HABA YouTube channel. Even better is that these dolls are meant to be played with. Like take outside with you to the park and get played with. If they get too dirty you can toss them in a washing machine. Just put it in a pillowcase if you don't have one of those fancy delicates bags and wash with cold water on the delicate cycle. Then dry them by placing the doll belly down until it drys. Read the rest

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