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Our Favorite Funny Parents of 2018

Our Favorite Funny Parents of 2018

(source: @ScaryMommy)

Parenting any age is both amazing and messy. Beautiful and ugly. We can be frustrated, mad, tired and overwhelmed, yet exhilarated, happy, energized and joyful. Raising children is the most important job one will ever have and parents have always used comedy as a way to make light of their current situations. 2018 was a breakout year for parenting "memes" and we figured why not share some of our favorites with you. Enjoy and don't forget to go and follow these hilarious parents on social media. Because it is so comforting to know that your kid isn't the only one who had a meltdown in the the grocery store check out over what scent of laundry soap you're buying, or that all Moms inevitably have bathroom company every time they try to go #2!










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