Not Crazy about Candy? Try These Easter Alternatives

Not Crazy about Candy? Try These Easter Alternatives

HABA Easter Eggs

Candy: It is so good.

And you know who loves candy? Your kids.On the Farm Stacking Cubes by HABA

This, of course, raises numerous concerns for parents and caregivers, be it fear of dental issues, tummy aches, hyperactivity or some combination thereof.

Candy: The teeth-rotting, stomach-turning, potentially irritating sign of the season.

Solution: Fill that Easter basket with something that’s actually good for them – toys and games!

Never put all your eggs in one basket. You’ve got to diversify!

It’s not Christmas, so there’s no need to cram a gift-wrapped box into that festive receptacle. There are plenty of bite-size candy alternatives out there for your little one.

How about this nifty little number that expands to become a fantastic tower of fun. And those On the Farm Stacking Cubes are just the tip of the iceberg.

With spring in full swing, why not get those little minds dreaming of the beach?

Got plans for spring break? These tidy travel games include discreet elements of education, so your kids get schooled even when they’re not in class.

Play foods can be a real treat, inspiring pretend play and stimulating imaginations.

You could always "shake" things up with these Musical Wooden Eggs! When shaken, each one makes its own fun sound.  Because they're made in Germany of solid beech wood, they're sure to last a lot longer than those gooey chocolate eggs!

HABA Dancing eggs  - the perfect Easter giftSo, those are some pretty sweet alternative basket fillers, but HABA games can also accommodate your other Easter traditions. Try hiding these instead of candy-filled plastic eggs and then enjoy a little family fun.

And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with slipping some sweets into the Easter equation but don’t be afraid to shake up your holiday traditions this year with some toys and games that everyone can enjoy without those concerns candy can cause.

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