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There are some toys that just become instant classics. You know, the ones that childhood memories are made of. The toys that, when outgrown, get stored for future generations to enjoy rather than tossed aside or donated to Goodwill. Certain toys are truly special, and seem to withstand the test of time. Sure, there are a lot of fancy toys out there with all of the bells and whistles. I don't think I go a single day without seeing about a zillion toys that talk, make sounds, have bright, flashing lights, or are somehow connected to technology. Sure, these things are fun and kids enjoy them, but can they really be called must-have classics? When I think of great classic toys, one brand immediately comes to mind: Haba. Haba is a German brand that has won just about every award possible for their simple, yet innovative designs. They offer a ton of great products for infants and beyond such as dolls, building blocks, ride on toys, and even infant clutch toys that help to develop fine motor skills and encourage creative play. Most of their toys are completely gender neutral, which works out well in my home, since I have toddlers of each sex. You see, the folks at Haba put children and their developmental needs at the forefront of their business. They realize that while bells and whistles can be fun, kids are often times most stimulated by simplicity. Bright colors, different shapes, and easy to handle designs are often what kids will gravitate towards first. Another thing I absolutely adore about Haba is that they most often use wood, such as beech or maple, for their toys. This is fantastic as these are sustainable, renewable materials and contain no potentially hazardous materials like BPA, which can be found in plastics. The lacquers  they use are non-toxic and water-based, too! I was thrilled when I learned that Haba has launched a brand new site just for the US consumer. Here, you can check out all the great products this company has to offer and even check out their many, many awards. There's even a link to the Haba blog which has some wonderful ideas parents can tap into when considering which toys and activities are best for their kids! I have spent a good amount of time browsing Haba's new website, and I must say, I have fallen in love with so many of their toys! Here are a few that Santa just might be leaving under the tree come Christmas time! (Hey, I plan ahead!)
This Chef Set is adorable!
I love these building blocks! So many creative possibilities!
This is absolutely charming!
While Haba toys always make me smile, I have to admit, something else got me even more excited when I was perusing the new website. I never knew it, but Haba also has gorgeous kids' decor items! Since we're moving into our new home in Ohio this weekend, I am constantly on the look out for great items to decorate my kids' rooms. I fell in love with a few items from Haba, and I am currently trying to convince my husband that we NEED them. (Wish me luck!) Check out this stunning rug! This would be absolutely perfect for Sophie's room! I love the bright colors and feminine design.
Be still my heart, there's even a matching cushion! Sophie would adore these, probably even more than I do!
My little Dragon-Slayer, Xander, would probably squeal with delight with this rug in his room. I love the rich colors and the whimsical appearance of the not-so-scary dragon. To complete the look, here's a great room tent that follows the same theme. After all, what dragon slaying knight should go without his own castle? Now that my heart has stopped racing thinking about all of the amazing home decor possibilities Haba has to offer, I'd love to show you a few items I received to review from this much-loved company. First, I received the Clutching Toy Color Wheel. This adorable clutching toy features a naturally colored wooden ring interlocked with another ring made up of brightly colored wooden balls! Made from maple and beech wood and colored with a water-based, non-toxic stain. It's perfect for ages 6 months and up! Both of my toddlers love playing with it, and it fits their little hands perfectly. I think this is great for teaching colors, too! The only issue I have had is trying to keep it away from my Yorkie, Trouble. (Yep, she lives up to her name!) She seems to like this product almost as much as my babies do!
I also received some products geared towards older kids, ages 6+. The Terra Kids line of products allows kids to follow simple instructions and create their own wooden animals! These are super-cool since they come complete with eyes, moving limbs, and even a wind up motor that allow these creatures to come to life.
We received the Terra Kids Beetle and the Terra Kids Prawn, and my 12 year old, Kyle, was very excited to put them together as his baby brother and sister observed.The instructions were very easy to follow, and Kyle had his creations assembled in no time at all.
Sophie and Xander loved watching their big brother put these together, and they were delighted to watch the Terra Kids creatures rattle and "dance" with the simple pull of a cord! This would make a great rainy day activity for older kids!
Overall, I am loving the new Haba website and all it has to offer. Their toys are superior quality, and sure to become fast favorites in any household. They are durable, lasting, and classically designed so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. With a name like Haba, I can't say I am too surprised, though. They're synonymous with quality. After all, in the words of a now infamous As-Seen-On-TV infomercial host, "The Germans make good stuff." HOW TO CONNECT : You can check out all the great products Haba has to offer on their brand new website! You can also follow Haba on Facebook and on twitter to stay on top of their latest products and promotions! WIN IT! One lucky reader will receive a toy of their own from the generous folks at Haba! You may choose between the 3 products I received to review: How cool is that?! Simply enter on the Rafflecopter form on the original post ! This giveaway is open to US  Residents 18+ until 11:59PM on August 17, 2012. No PO Boxes. Winner will be drawn using Rafflecopter's Random Number Generator. All entries will be verified, so play fair! I will notify winner via e-mail and they will have 48 hours to reply before I am forced to redraw winners. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. This contest is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. Thanks for entering, and Good Luck!

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