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New HABA Animal Upon Animal App Now Available on iTunes & Google Play!

New HABA Animal Upon Animal App Now Available on iTunes & Google Play!

HABA Video Game App HABA Video Game App Animal Upon Animal Wild game-play fun on a new level! The third HABA app, “Animal upon Animal”, the beasties from the well-known HABA board game series conquer the digital world! 
This time it is SOS! Animal in danger! On their hunt for the magical artifacts, rhino, monkey, bat, crocodile, snake, cockatoo, and pig were caught up in a hurricane in their balloon. Dangerous winds led them straight into the heart of the storm. From there, the animals were driven to the most far-flung corner of the world — and only YOU can save them! To free them, you have to make your way on an exciting journey through deep canyons, wild jungles, and lonely polar deserts. Who can master the challenge of finding the forgotten artifacts and bringing all of the animals back in their balloon? Players are immersed in the mystical ‘polar’, ‘canyon’ and ‘jungle’ worlds and conquer 30 exciting missions which include 180 magical artifacts that can be collected. And that‘s not all – it also depends on dexterity when moving the animals. The faster you go, the more tricky it becomes too; countless traps – from couch catapult to pincher zeppelin to giant rotor and many more make your journey difficult. It is the perfect mix of a dexterity game and physics puzzle that makes the app so exciting. The pro variation is especially thrilling! In this variation, the levels are played against time – and as a reward, the coveted golden artifacts are summoned. The playtime can be limited so that younger adventurers also have time to romp and play with friends. One device, but several players? That‘s no problem either. You can set up profiles for up to four players...this shows the quality of HABA children‘s apps. They are pure gaming fun and completely safe – no ads or in-app sales! The HABA “Animal upon Animal” app is available now on iTunes and Google Play!

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