New Age Mama Gift Guide - Cow Carola Picture Cubes Puzzle

New Age Mama included HABA in her 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! See what she had to say: "When I was getting ready for my baby, I made the conscience decision to use as many green and organic products as possible. We have an organic mattress and sheets. We use cloth diapers. We even make every effort to use homeopathic remedies for common ailments. And of course, I wanted to get my children cute organic toys.  In the small town I live in, its hard to find any nice baby things at all, let alone the green products that I'm looking for. But thanks to companies like Haba, I am able to find adorable baby toys that I know are green, organic and safe for my children. Now I can even order them from the convenience of my own home thanks to their new website" Read the rest of her post

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