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MyFourLittles.com - Lilliputiens Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little Pigs Review

MyFourLittles.com Review of HABA's Lilliputiens Wolf Handpuppet & 3 Little PigsAmanda from MyFourLittles.com reviewed the Lilliputiens Three Little Pigs Puppet Set. She what she had to say! "I love toys that promote imagination and so this one was perfect for us! The set comes with a wolf, three pigs, and three homes! My kids have enjoyed telling this story over and over again and even making some imaginative additions and adjustments. The wolf is hand puppet size and the pigs are finger puppets. The puppets are very well made, much higher quality than your typical children’s toys. When your littles are done, the three pigs and their homes all store nicely inside the wolf for future play! The set comes in a nicely presented carrying case (perfect for gifting) and retails for $64.99." Read the rest

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