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Check out Sarah's adorable daughter and her new Gotz Doll. They look like best friends already! Review of HABA's Gotz Julia DollJudging by her review, they are very happy with their Julia Doll, especially her hair! "The Götz dolls stand above all other doll lines out there. Their renowned doll hair can be washed, styled (even Reviews Gotz Julia Doll Reviewwith a curling iron or blow dryer on low setting!) and brushed just like their owner’s hair! Any other doll hair would melt with this treatment.  The company secret is that the long locks are rooted in the doll’s scalp, so they won’t snarl or kink.  This makes a Götz doll perfect for children who love playing with doll hair. For my daughter Danika, who is ALL about her hair, this was a HUGE draw. As a Mom who has spent many hours trying to tame crazy, matted doll hair, it was also a huge draw for me. She finally has a doll that she can style her hair and it won’t get tangled up. You can check out the many Götz doll hair styling techniques on HABA’s YouTube channel; including Braids, Double Knot and Cornrows!" Read the rest of her review  

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