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GIVEAWAY ~ HABA Building Blocks Basic Pack Domino ~ Set ‘Em Up and Knock ‘Em Down ~ ARV $75

August 17, 2012

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I LOVED setting up dominoes all over the house.  I would try to make my domino patterns do all kinds of crazy things, like flip in the air, knock down other objects or spell out words.  What would take forever to set up would take just seconds to knock down and then I'd start all over again. This hobby was great fun when stuck inside on a rainy afternoon and helped hone my concentration skills and increase my level of patience, which children always seem to find in short supply.  Recently, I happened across the new HABA Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino Set and the kid in me screamed, "YES!"  I couldn't wait to try this toy out for myself and to introduce the fun of domino building to my own daughter.  Keep reading to learn more!

I received the Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino Set from HABA, which retails for $75.00. - Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino Set Giveaway & Review

The Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino Set from HABA is absolutely perfect for all little builders ages 3-10 years old.  This toy is guaranteed to create a lot of movement in your house and your children's creativity and imagination levels will launch through the roof! Quickly stack the domino blocks, set the red starting tile in motion, and away they go!

Whether set up in simple rows, long serpentine figures, high towers, or experimental constellations, the domino blocks offer maximum building fun and all sorts of options to play with!  This domino set contains the following and can be combined with any of the marble run and ball track sets from HABA for a toy that can be constantly added on to:

  • 61 domino blocks
  • 8 naturally colored wooden blocks
  • 6 block clamps
  • 2 wheel clamps
  • 2 conveyor wheels
  • 2 metal rods with eyelet
  • 6 marbles

HABA Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino

All of the pieces included in the HABA Building Blocks Basic Pack Domino Set are of the highest quality and built to last.  I could honestly see my grandchildren playing with this toy one day and it would still bring plenty of delight!  Although Riley had never built a domino path before, her eyes immediately lit up at this set.  She helped me stack some of the parts and was "the keeper of the marbles" while I tried to emulate the structure in the included guide.

The kid in me came out again in full force and I had a great time building this path!  It only took two tries to get it right, but as you can see below...we did it!

I highly recommend the HABA Building Blocks - Basic Pack Domino Set for it is a toy that will provide years of creative enjoyment for a wide age range of children as well as last forever!  If you're looking for the perfect gift for both boys and girls, young and old, then by all means purchase this domino set.

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