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MommiesWithCents.com - Play Set Hound Leo Review

Check out this review - sounds like Holly's children are enjoying her new "pet" and having fun pretending to care for him and love him! MommiesWithCents Review of Hound Leo Play Set "We have the Play Set Hound Leo and I have to say, is super adorable.  The little plush dog comes with his own blanket, dog dish and dog bone.  My youngest, Parker, likes to cover him up and play peek-a-boo with him.  My older daughter likes to find different types of food that will fit in his bowl —no easy task, since it’s pretty tiny!  Since the Leo set has four pieces, I would have loved to see it come packaged in a little portable house with a handle that holds it all.  Other than that, this set is pretty awesome." Read the rest of the review

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