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MommaInFlipFlops2 - Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon Review

Lilliputiens Baby Toys Available at HABA

MommaInFlipFlops2 Review of HABA's Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon Andrea from MommaInFlipFlops2 says our Walter Acti-Dragon by Lilliputiens is her 6 month old son's favorite toy! "My little guy received Walter Acti-Dragon the interactive rattle, which is geared for three months and up. My little guy has had it for the past month and honestly, it's his favorite toy! He can easily grasp  the crinkle wing and shake him, so he hears the rattle in the hind legs and bell in the belly. Walter's little nose pokes up just enough that he loves to chew on it. I really like how soft the fabric is for him and that the noises aren't too much. Some rattles drive me nuts. Walter Acti-Dragron also features a mirror, squeaky muzzle, a side pocket that has a star on a string, which is attached, so as your child develops there continues to be things they will enjoy. This has become our go-to toy for Henrik, he really enjoys it and it delights me to have found something that won't bonk his head as he's moving it around but still makes gentle noises he likes." Read the rest

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