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MomAndMore.com - Gitti Giraffe Review

My Very First Game – Gitti Giraffe Wins Toy of the Year! {Review}

Cher at Mom and More recently reviewed HABA's Gitti Girrafe. See what she had to say: MomAndMore.com - Gitti Giraffe Review"My Very First Game – Gitti Giraffe is a game for ages 2 years and up, featuring beautiful heirloom-quality wooden pieces, it teaches basic coordination skills and introduces the concept of playing a game with instructions and goals and taking turns. In free play, children will pile the animal blocks on top of each other by color or all mixed up, and play with the animal vehicle. As a game, they can learn a colorful stacking game and following steps from a dice. Game material designed with special care. Conceived for small children’s hands. 1 – 4 players." Read the rest of her post

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