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MizzReviewLady - Lilliputiens Liz Reversible Rattle Doll

MizzReviewLady reviewed the Lilliputiens Liz Reversible Rattle Doll - looks like her daughter is enjoying it, even in her sleep! MizzReviewLady Review of HABA's Lilliputiens Liz Reversible Rattle Doll"Liz The Reversible Doll is designed for babies three months and older, which fits in perfectly with my daughters age who just recently turned seven months.  She is in that age group where she's just starting to really like exploring and playing with all her toys, so I was excited to introduce her to her newest little addition - Liz The Reversible Doll!  It comes in a handy little tote bag that perfectly fits her, so that we can keep her in great condition while toting her around with her no matter where we go.  She is very soft which makes her the perfect little cuddle buddy for my daughter. She loves to rub her against her face and gets a huge smile on her face every time she does it.  I swear, it's just about as cute as the doll is!" Read the rest

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