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Making Bubble Beards and a Few Other Bath Time Tricks

Making Bubble Beards and a Few Other Bath Time Tricks

We’re big fans of finding time to play in everyday life. Adults often overlook opportunities to twist common tasks into something little ones might do for fun.

There are many ways to play that may be hidden in plain sight.

Whether your kids love it or hate it, bathtubs make great playgrounds for young children. (Here’s a good tip sheet for getting kids to love the tub, by the way.)

Baths offer wonderful one-on-one time with your child, who needs your constant company to ensure safety. Take time to play, and try to take it beyond bath toys.

There’s nothing wrong with bath toys, but there are many ways to maximize bath time and make it valuable.301294

Don’t rush through the routine. Enjoy the moment!

Make the most of bath time with these few simple ideas for fun with suds:

Bubble bath! Let’s start with the basics. Dump in the soap and whisk up some fun. You can’t go wrong with a classic bubble beard or hairdo handcrafted by mom or dad.

Storytime! This is a great one for water babies who enjoy the bath. What better venue than a nice, warm tub to take in a story or two?

Sing-Along! A fun song for soaping up will make bath time go by faster for finicky bathers. Try a rendition of Bert and Ernie’s “Rubber Ducky” anthem, cue up “Rub a Dub Dub,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” or make one of your own with your little singer-songwriter.

Game On! Don’t just dump toys into the tub and call it a night. Feed your child’s imagination in one of the best places to let them run wild. Roll up your sleeves and embark on a wet adventure by creating a game. For example, dropping a toy in the water from different heights, finding a toy or washcloth under all the bubbles, or having your child guess the numbers you "draw" on their back.

Lights! Test glow in the dark toys to add a new layer of fun or light up the whole bathroom in exciting colors with disco lights.

Camera, Action! Role play and get creative. Maybe your little one is playing in the water at the beach and you pretend you're sitting in the sun with an umbrella next to you and sand at your toes. 

So many ways to make bath time interesting, fun, and something to look forward to for both adults and children!

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