Lilliputiens Introduces a Whole Village of New Characters

Lilliputiens describes themselves as a “through and through Belgian company” specializing in the production of fabric-based toys for children newborn to 4-years-old. Each and every one of their toys incorporates educational, fun and aesthetic values. Creating a sense of wonder for children is key to Lilliputiens success. Children experience the joy of discovering hidden surprises, cultivate curiosity, and the Lilliputiens characters encourage thought process that build intelligence in children. Every Lilliputiens toy has its own fun character and personality that children grow to recognize and love. Walter the Dragon, Simon the Hedgehog and Arnold the Hippo are available in a variety of toys for active play to naptime cuddling. Your child will absolutely love soft, blue Arnold the Hippo as a cuddling mate and teether.  Arnold Activity Hippo is big enough to be used as a mini couch! Children can hide all their secrets and little objects in the different openings and pockets. Lilliputiens calls their toys “evolutive” meaning that they are exciting, surprising and challenging, stimulate creativity, fine motor skills and role-play. The value of the toys expands with each child’s development too. For example, the Jeff Activity Spiral starts out as a simple toy attached to the crib to attract a newborn’s focus. As the child’s abilities develop, it becomes a sensory toy the infant reaches for and touches, noticing different colors, textures and sounds. The Basile Cuddle Book begins as a soft toy for snuggling. As a toddler, this toy awakens the comprehension of sequence, reading before bedtime. Eventually, even the youngest child can read the simple words rewarding the toddler with a sense of satisfaction. The idea is to enable children to learn and evolve with the toys as they are ready. That means toys are enjoyed longer.

Lilliputiens’ fabrics and ideas come from their team of young mothers who draw the prints and choose colors and textures carefully. While always focused on their youngest customers, the creative team at Lilliputiens is also always aware of parental concerns. Almost all the toys are machine washable. The materials used are selected very carefully, continually reassessed, and subject to stringent controls. Their collection even follows modern interior design trends so that the toys are not only enjoyable and safe but even look good in your home.

  Safety is of utmost concern to parents and to Lilliputiens. They enforce the highest international standards and subject their products to severe tests, often beyond what are legally required. Their materials are evaluated repeatedly and are subjected to testing including EN71, AZO, Cadmium, plasticizers, saliva, ASTM and more. The dyed or printed materials are all certified Azo-Free which means they have been tested for azo compounds and heavy metals. So you can let your child play, explore and adore Lilliputiens toys with confidence. Take a look at our entire collection of Lilliputiens toys to begin your child’s exploration.

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