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Lilliputien Love: Meet New Friends for the Holidays

Lilliputien Love: Meet New Friends for the Holidays

Lovely colors, many shapes, fun noises and charming characters all wrapped up in soft toys. That sums up the “world full of little wonders” that is Lilliputiens. HABA is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Lilliputiens, creators of fairytale rattles, puppets and squeaker toys. They make perfect gifts this holiday season for all of the children in your life. Get to know some of sweet beings in the Lilliputiens family, meeting the little characters that recur throughout the Lilliputiens in various toys: Meet Arnold On the ArnoldPyramid ($47.99), Arnold, the pudgy, blue hippo floats happily on his boat. Children can take apart and put back together the three rings. Pull the fish in the back and the little boat goes. There’s even a little mirror under the boat. This toys teaches about different sizes, colors, shapes and patterns. Meet Clara Slip a hand in the back and the little panda, Clara Cuddle Puppet ($24.99) comes to life. In addition to being amusing for children, it’s also a cozy toy you can attach a pacifier to. Clara’s great for role-playing. Meet Jef Babies love Jef, the lop-eared dog with patterns on the inside of his ears and soft fur on the outside just right for grasping with little hands. In the Jef Ball (19.99), the little dog becomes part of a brightly-colored football with bells that jingle when it is tossed. Meet Ophelie This big chicken is a good mother in Ophelie And Her Chicks ($39.99). She hides a cuddly egg full of her four little chicks in her belly. The toys have different colors, sounds and textures. Each little chick is a finger puppet made for little fingers. But mamma is made for larger hands, just perfect for some role-playing with a favorite grown up. Meet Romeo This green and silly toad is so hungry, he has consumed four rattles of various sounds and textures, each to be played with. Even Romeo The Well Fed Toad’s ($47.99) feet make noise. A mirror on his belly lets children see themselves while they awake senses of sight, touch and sound. Meet Walter Not all of Lilliputien’s little characters are animals. Some are people like Walter, a brave little knight. Walter Teething Rattle ($14.99) is quite a multi-tasker, with a little hook to keep baby's pacifier safe, and finger puppets that can be used to tell stories about Walter, the castle and the dragon who looks far too sweet to battle. Meet Tom Tiger Tom’s self-attaching paws make him a child’s new, best friend. Tom Maxi Cosy Car Seat Toy ($43.99) is there in the crib, attached to the carseat or in the stroller. Wherever he goes with your child, he provides a lot of different kinds of fun. He has a mirror, a lantern rattle, a flower ring to twist and crinkly noises to hear. He’s a wonder of sensory fun for young children. Meet Red Riding Hood Your child may already know of Little Red, but not like this. Reversible Red Riding Hood ($47.99) is three toys in one, all from the famous story. Just like that, Little Red Riding Hood transforms into Granny or the Big Bad Wolf. Follow the path Little Red Riding Hood takes right there on her dress. Your child will benefit from role playing, working with her hands and playing with different colors, materials and patterns. Meet Eline There’s much more to this sleeping baby than meets the eye. Baby Eline ($29.99) can be tended to, changing her into and out of her pajamas, putting her to bed, tucking her in and waking her up all over again. Her basket, blanket and outfit are completely reversible, extending the enjoyment and play of this cuddly little baby doll. Get to know these little characters and the other toys based on them, throughout HABA’s Lilliputien line. Children will love each individual character, making friends with them, having many adventures together. Whether you give a child a specific character’s different toys or introduce them to a variety of new friends, you can be sure children will love their Lilliputiens  for a long time to come.

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