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Let’s Pretend Kitchen and Grocery toys offer endless fun and lesson in life

SKANEATELES, N.Y. – A father of our acquaintance, many years ago, saved all the cereal boxes and milk cartons and various other foodstuff packaging so that his two little girls, age 4 and 5, could play “Store” in a basement playroom.  The girls’ Let’s Pretend imaginations went so far as to re-purpose an old roll-of-paper adding machine into a make-believe cash register. One girl handled the merchandizing, and the other handled the “cash.” That was 20 years ago, and now those little imaginative grocers are, respectively, a real advertising executive and an accountant. It’s amazing how important Let’s Pretend can be in a child’s development. That father, though, wasn’t familiar back then with Kid’s Kitchen & Grocery toys available from HABA, but it’s a sure bet he’ll be all over it when his grandchildren come along to engage in their own make-believe education and fun. HABA was founded back in the 1930s in the Bavarian forests with a line of wonderfully hand-crafted wooden toys, and that tradition carries on today in its Kitchen and Grocery line of toys. HABA wooden play food includes a green apple so realistic you could almost eat it, and a pack of Butter Cookies, made of beach wood pieces with a non-toxic, water-based stain, with cute packaging for the Pretend store shelf. There’s also a cake, cheese wedges and slices, beech wood chocolate, a cucumber, green and purple grapes, a green pepper, a white onion, a lemon, an orange, a plum, a pear – there’s an entire basket of fruits and vegetables made of wood. There are also several washable polyester/cotton blend fruits, vegetables, lunch meats, even ice cream scoops, so playtime can go on and on. In addition HABA has plates and bowls, play salami and toast slices, a coffee pot, fruit baskets, and a complete Chef Stovetop Set with an apron, frying pan, wooden cook top, a pot with a lid, and salt and pepper shakers. There are actually over 125 items in the HABA Kitchen and Grocery toy collection so the little ones can play store, chef, have dinner parties or go wherever their imaginations take them.  See them all at http://www.habausa.com/products/pretend-play/kitchen-and-grocery.html. Plus, HABA toys, particularly the wooden toys, are keepsakes that will not only provide hours of safe and educational fun for the children today, they will be the basis of those childrens’own childrens’ playrooms and imaginations 20-some years hence. When you start with high quality toys they never go out of style and never stop entertaining, educating and delighting children for generations to come. That father of our acquaintance is stocking his own grocery bag now for when he has little visitors who call him “Grampa,” and beg their parents to go over to his house to play Store and Kitchen. In 1938 HABA started out as a “Factory for fine wooden toys.” Today we find that toys don’t always need to be wooden, but they do always need to be right for children! HABA is a toy manufacturing company known for high-quality baby and children's toys, as well as children's games and furniture. The company is a "single source supplier" for children. Find great HABA toys at finer toy shops and stores throughout the country.  

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